Golden State 4 Star Series... I borrowed this information on how the race works from a post from Bryan Dorsey (I hope he don't mind). The series is new to us at Bellflower and I hope we have a great turnout!
Saturday June 22 - Signup 11:30-12:30pm racing at 1:00pm Cost $28.00
Saturday June 23 - Signup 9:00-9:30am racing at 10:00am Cost $28.00
This is how to podium in the series. 🏆
The way the points work is, you want to earn six solid finishes to be in contention at the end of the series. Racers don't have to race both Saturday and Sunday races if they don't want to, it's merely convenient if you want to knock two of them out in one weekend. $28 entry fee.
The finale which just so happens to be, the 10th Annual Dorsey Cup 🤘 will be at Whittier on November 9th, entry into that race gets every racer a ticket to Magic Mountain, in lieu of a trophy, where everyone meets the next day, Sunday November 10th at a private award ceremony.
The series is run by old school NBL track directors and they race three moto total points like back in the day. It's awesome training. See you there. 👊