September 20-22

So Cal State Final is just around the corner.  We are also pretty excited to be hosting aTangent Pro-Am as well.  We are still finalizing all the details, but here are a few things you should know.  We will be hosting a single point race on Friday September 20th. Signups and practice are 5:30-7:30pm with racing to follow. Double point pre-race Saturday September 21st.  Signups and practice 9:00-11:00am with racing to follow; Sunday is the big one So Cal State Final and Tangent Pro-Am!!  Racing starts at 9:00am.  There will no State Final signups or practice on Sunday, only corrections. Moto’s will be posted by 8:30am.  The Tangent Crew will be handling all the signups for the Pro-Am.  We will be offering directly through the website at  You can also pre-sign at the track, but you must remember we are a cash only track. There are a few things that we need to remind you of especially for those of you who are new.  You may start setting up on Friday night. I cannot save any spots so please don’t ask. We are still undecided about selling prime spots for canopies so we will let you know next week sometime.  We all know that parking can be a bit tricky but with added volunteers and everyone’s help it will be great! The parking will be the same as last five years, but we have now added a lot more parking on the green belt behind the track.  We should have no issues; we will be parking as many cars as possible on the lawn area between the rock wall and behind the first turn also just like years past. The Park will be providing volunteers to help make parking as smooth as possible. The last couple years it went well, and we hope this year will be the same.  The park will be charging $10.00 for parking, they will also offer VIP parking for $15.00 on the concrete near the track.  There is a limited amount of handicapped parking spots.  Please be courteous and only use them if you absolutely need them.  Please keep in mind the park has covered a large portion of the area with fake grass because of the sticker problem in the past and still but not all has been covered. So please wipe your feet off on the turf and pick up your bike to save yourself a headache.  I’m sure the same will hold true on the additional parking.  We will update the information regarding entry to the park and the time the Gates will be open. There will also be parking available on Flora Vista Street, this is the long street off Clark Ave, which is where GPS will send you sometimes when looking for the park. You will be able to park along the street there and walk along the fence. The park will have an opening to enter and it’s free!   Please do not try to sneak past the security to park in the back, unless you have a parking pass or a handicap plaque and spots are available, we ask that you park in the designated area.  Also, just like years past, we need to keep an open path for an emergency lane; we will be Xing off where you CAN NOT put your canopies. I'm sorry, but we must keep that open for a walkway and emergencies. To help run a smooth signup, we ask that you give us all the correct information and that you bring the correct amount of money in CASH only.  Single point race $12.00; Double point race $25.00 State Final $45.00;  

We have always taken pride on running a quick and efficient race, but we can't do it without volunteers. Our volunteers have been working countless hours to make improvements and we are confident everyone will have a great experience.  We will have some cool raffle prizes as well.
Although we will be offering Burger, Hot Dogs and Nachos’ Hollywood sports Grill will be open as well.  Please feel free to check them out and order up some delicious food!  #supportlocalracing #MLRGA #usabmx #wearefamily #socalstatefinal