GOLD CUP QUALIFIER, SATURDAY MARCH 3RD, SIGN UP 9:30-11:30AM WITH RACING TO FOLLOW. Although, if you're early and ready, we will sign you up! We will also be taking pre-signs at the track. So feel free to ask and we will take care of you!
“From USABMX… The Gold Cup Series presented by DK Bikes involves a rider counting his/her best two scores from Gold Cup events, according to the Gold Cup/State/Provincial Points Table, and his/her scores from Saturday & Sunday at the Gold Cup Final. Riders may race a Gold Cup Final in any region.
In addition to awarding a Gold Cup jacket and #1 plate to the winner in each age & skill level, we also award Gold Cup #2 & #3 plates. Finally, at the Finals, both Saturday and Sunday will also offer quadruple district points for riders.”
Registration fees $35.00 Cash only (exact change would be great). NO credit cards and NO checks please.
If you have recently moved up in proficiency, please make sure you note that on your sign up forms. Although we have updated our rider database, the new race management program does not retain the rider’s proficiency if USABMX has not had the opportunity to updated rider.
If you have recently purchased a new membership, please make sure you bring your paper receipt. In order to add you in the system (if you are not already in) we will need your serial number and the validation code. Also, if you have recently renewed your membership, please have your receipt with you so that we can verify.
Although we always do our best to retain additional parking, the parking situation can get crowded. If you can, car pool or get there early!
But... 1st and foremost, we all know that parking is always an issue on big race days no matter where you go, but especially at our facility since we share it with paintball and airsoft players. The parking will be the same as last three years, we will be parking as many cars as possible on the lawn area between the rock wall and behind the first turn, we are in need of volunteers to help make parking as smooth as possible. Last several years it went well and we hope this year will be the same. Please keep in mind the park has covered a large portion of the area with fake grass because of the sticker problem in the past. With no rain, stickers could possibly be a problem. So to be safe, please carry your bike and wipe your feet on that carpet before you get on the walkway. YOU will be entering at the East parking lot (Vendor Lot), following in around the building past the rock wall. If there is anyone who can volunteer to help park cars (just guidance is needed), please send me a private message. Gates will be open between 7:30 and 8:30. Also, we have been told that we need to keep an open path for an emergency lane; we will be Xing off where you CAN NOT put your canopies. I'm sorry, but we have to keep that open for a walk way and emergencies.
AS always at these big races, we will be running a two moto transfer.
PLEASE DON'T ASK US WHO YOU WILL BE RACING OR IF YOU HAVE A CLASS. With a race this big, more than likely you will have a class no matter what.
We will do our best to post motos on time, offer plenty of food, snacks and drinks, run smooth races, fast raffles, and finish racing in a timely manner.
PLEASE HELP US and thank all our volunteers in advance for all they do to continue to help prepare for our races.
If I have I have left anything out, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you everyone!!!