We had a great 2017 season at Cape Cod BMX. We had an amazing group of riders and volunteers that truly made our track feel like home. It really was a special year, but there was certainly some room for improvement too. At the top of that to-do list is the need to resurface our track to reduce dust while improving friction and the pulse of our rhythm section.

A new surface will protect our track from the rain – allowing our riders to get back out faster and stay riding longer. It will also allow our volunteers to focus their energy on improving other areas of the track rather than constantly repairing the track after every rainstorm…and we had plenty of those last year.

Cape Cod BMX is a volunteer-run organization and to get this done we are going to need your help. A new surface can cost over $6,000. This may seem like a lot, but with a little support from each of our members we can quickly reach our goal and give our riders the best experience possible. Between corporate sponsors and over $1,000 that we’ve already raised from friends of the track, we’ve already made good progress toward our goal. Can we count on you to push us over the top with a one-time donation of $125?

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