Well our year ended with a bang on Sunday Octover 14th with our AGM and awards banquet. We had 200 registered riders, parents and friends. Thank you to all who attended. If any of you missed it you can find it on our Facebook page. Thank you to Jeff Ingram from Tru North BMX for streaming it live for us.

Here is a list of your Executive members for 2019

President                   Ron Koch

Vice President           Darrell Pomeroy

Track Manager           Brooks Stocks

Asst Track Manager   Ritchie Nelson

Treasurer                   Tyrone Thompson

Registration               Tammy Emerenini

Communications        Jody Dais

Secretary                  Ramona Rieder

Concession              Ceilidh Soroka

Fundraising              Ange/Tina

Race For Life           Eryn Sharkey

Congratulations and thank you to all of executives for getting involved. We are looking forward to another great season next year. Stay active, stay on your bikes indoor racing starts next month month in Abbotsford and Burlington.

Ron Koch

President, Kelowna BMX