Hey riders, parents or anyone interested. Come out to the track Sunday Dec 2nd from 1-2 and see what is happening at the track and have a cup of hot chocolate. We will have our volunteers there working and you can see what thier doing. We never could have started to do this huge project without the help from Ron Workman from Workman and Sons. His staff and equipment got the ball rolling for us. Now we have Bruce Cook running one of the excavators. Also Brooks and Dustin running excavator and bob cat. The track is all removed and now we are screening all the dirt to cover and get ready for March 23rd rebuild. Winn Rentals again has donated all the equipment and we are so appreciative of everything Richie Nelson and the ownership of Winn Rentals does for our track. This is a great opportunity to come see whats going on and thank the volunteers rebuilding your track. Also to be inspired by one of the worlds best athletes. To overcome such a life changing accident and now to be running an excavator at out track, giving back to the community. is truly inspiring. Hope to see lots of you out there.


Ron Koch