We have been given the official Green Light to race starting Saturday, June 13th!  Registration will be from 10 am to 12 pm and Racing ASAP.  

Please see below with important information, this info can also be found on our track website as well as the Facebook event page.  If you have any questions, reach out!

***We encourage pre-registration to avoid delay of racing***

Please see the below guidelines for registration and concessions/vendors:

  • Contactless registration and payment process.  Link should be active by Wednesday, but registration may be found here:  https://www.racerpal.com/register/grippenparkbmx/.
  • For guests that are unable to pre-register, we will take registration at the track from 10 am to 12 pm with racing ASAP.   Line will form OUTSIDE THE BUILDING (see signs) please do not enter the registration area until the person has completed his or her registration to keep our social distancing.  Masks are required for registration.
  • Concessions may be limited to "GRAB AND GO ITEMS" such as drinks, candy, ice cream, and freeze pops.  Please follow signs for entering and exiting the building.
  • LIMITED HOT FOOD WILL BE AVAILABLE.   Items such as hot dogs, French fries, and nachos may be available depending on staffing.  Masks will need to be worn inside the concessions area.  Food & Drink will need to be consumed outside the building.  Please bring chairs, tents, tables.


  • If you or the racer are feeling ill, please do not attend.
  • Limiting Spectators:  We are encouraging limiting spectators to immediate family (those who live together.)  Additionally, we recommend that any spectators 65 years of age or older, or those who suffer from chronic or immunocompromised conditions, avoid attending this event.
  • We are asking families to pit together at their vehicle, and not congregate in large groups in the parking lot.  Team Pit Areas or Tents can be set up outside the perimeter of the building or in the back field.  PLEASE PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING – AT LEAST 6 FEET APART.
  • Registration Office and behind the Concessions counter are OFF LIMITS to everyone except appropriate Grippen Park BMX Board members and/or event staff.  
  • All riders must wear a full-face helmet and gloves and have them on prior to approaching the staging area, chutes, or lanes.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Spectators are permitted into the building right before your rider's motto.  YOU MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES WHILE INSIDE THE TRACK BUILDING.  THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE AS THIS IS A COUNTY/VILLAGE RULE.
  • Spectators and Riders must exit the building after their rider's motto and return to their tent or car.
  • Adhere to social distancing of at least six (6) feet whenever possible.
  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.
  • Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible; bring and carry hand sanitizer in your gear bag and use it often.
  • We will have our volunteer staff on-site throughout the day to assist with any concerns or safety measures.


Moto Sheets:  Moto Sheets will be posted on the OUTDOOR FENCE as we do not have internet access at the track.  Please practice social distancing while reviewing moto sheets.

Staging:  To ensure proper distancing, the size of the staging area maybe substantially increased and lengthened.  Riders will be spread out in a much longer and larger area both within the chutes as well as on the way to the starting gate to create additional distancing.  Only parents of riders ages 5 & Under will be allowed in the staging area (chutes to the gate).  No other persons will be allowed.

Parents of younger riders are encouraged to help their rider load into their chute but can go no further.  We will have additional staff throughout staging to assist with this modification.  We anticipate one moto in the gate, one on the staging platform and one in the "line chute".

Staging for Practice:  Riders will be required to stage for practice through the chutes in order to maintain distancing.

Special Considerations:  Helmets must be worn while in the staging area.  We ask that riders only come to staging when their race is close to being called.  Staging may run slower than usual, so please be patient.

Finish Line Area:  At the conclusion of each race, riders must immediately leave the finish line area to return to their pits.  Helmets should be worn all the way back to the pit areas, and there will be no congregating at the finish line allowed.

We ask that when riders congratulate other riders, they do so by simply saying, “Good Race,” instead of hugs & high-fives.  Parents will not be allowed in the finish line area for any reason.

Protest:  To minimize congestion at the finish line and to ensure distancing, there will be no protests regarding action on the track.  Grippen Park BMX officials are well-trained and taught to call fouls as they happen.  These officials will decide immediately if an incident is deemed a foul or a no call.  Once the official has made this determination and the head official has confirmed and documented a foul or no call, that decision is final.

Awards:  At the conclusion of the main event, awards will be handed out at a location to be announced soon.

This list is meant to serve as a guideline and will be our best practices.  We reserve the right to make changes if necessary, to ensure for the safety and well-being of our riders and spectators.  Further updates to these guidelines will be posted, as necessary.



If you are uncomfortable with any of these procedures, or being around people, please stay home.  Let’s get back to racing as safely as possible and most of all let’s have fun.  If you have any questions or recommendations to make things better, please ask or list here in this post.  If you have complaints, please keep those to yourself.

Please be patient with us we are doing our best with what has been directed to us in order to make this event happen.

Thank you!


Grippen Park BMX Board