It's going down. Sautrday May 25th, 5-9PM.


The holeshot is possibly the most important thing in a BMX race. The rider that comes out of the first turn first can control almost all of his/her races. So we want to see who has the best gate start, first straight and first corner ability. ALL riders are invited to participate in this fun event. We'll be hosting this as a pot-luck BBQ as well so bring out your favorite dish to share.

So here's the format:
- The fee is $5 per rider.
- This is open to all ages and skill levels (current full USA BMX members) to test your first straight skills.
- Long sleeves, long pants and helmets are required as with every event.
- Riders will be broken down into the age groups of: 5 & Under, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 21 & Over. Age groups could be combined depending on the number of riders.
- The "finish line" will be the edge of the asphalt exiting the first corner and it will be clearly marked.
- There will be elimination rounds to get to a two rider final for each age group.
- Riders will get gate assignments in the first round by random card draw.
- The winner of the previous round will get lane choice for the next round, 2nd place gets second choice and so on...

The prize for the winner in each age group will be a race card for 5 free single point races at Omaha BMX!!!!

So bring out your favorite dish to share for the pot luck BBQ and let's have a blast blasting down the first straight. We'll start the first rounds at 5pm but we'll have the gates open so we can get set up by 4pm. We're very much looking forward to potentially hosting this event at least twice per season.

We hope to see you all at the track for our first Holeshot Challenge!!!