We are happy to announce that we now have online registration available for races! Here are some items to note regarding this new convenience offered to you. 

  • To register online, click the schedule link on the Toledo Speedway BMX website. Click on Pre Sign to sign up for a race. Please note that you should have an active USA BMX account to do this. 
  • The charge is $1 higher for online registration to cover the credit card fees. 
  • At this time, we are only allowing online registration for races (not practices). 
  • Generally, the window for online registration will open each Sunday for that week's Wednesday and Saturday night races. Exceptions will be our larger races, in which case we will keep the window open longer. 
  • Online registration closes at 5pm on normally scheduled race days. 
  • We are unable to provide multi rider discounts to families using online registration due to constraints with the online system. 
  • We have a no refund policy for online registration. In the event of a cancellation due to rain or other circumstances, a coupon for use at another race will be provided. If you are given a rained out coupon, this works as a "fast pass" and you do not need to wait in line to register for racing. Simply walk up to the window and give us your coupon!
  • As always, renewals are always encouraged online as well to save time in line! 

Thank you! Please ask a board member if you have any questions or need help with this process.