Wow! Did that really just happen? Yes, yes it did. Travis and I are at a total loss for words for the event CCBMX hosted this weekend, Circle City Nationals. But we can say, CCBMX ROCKED IT!! 
The day we were told we were hosting a national, all our excitement was up and also all the, "we have to get this done and that done..." began to flow. Travis and the board worked diligently with the City of Dothan, commissioners, Visit Dothan, and of course our riders and parents association to pull this distinguished event off. And boy did we pull it off. 
The countless hours of track work, making the final touches and details to our track, checking and double checking we had everything organized and ready landed us with a smooth weekend. Whew, it was a long road to get there, but we did. Even with the threat of bad weather, we were ready and we were going to make this event epic.
Travis and I want to say THANK YOU to all of our parents and riders who have devoted their time to the track and made this weekend a success. Without the help of all these wonderful people, there is no way this national would have gone as easy as it did. Again, thank you to each of you. 
As USABMX packed up, I looked back at our track with all the glitter and glam gone, and remembered, this is where it began. This wonderful jewel planted in this beautiful complex. WE DID IT!!
We hope each and every person that visited CCBMX this weekend had a great experience and that we left a great impression that they would come visit again without hesitation. Also, We are in hopes USABMX enjoyed our facility and that we delivered exactly what they wanted. Our fingers are totally crossed that we would have the honor to host this event again. 
Well, I'm sure most of y'all are in bed and probably asleep. I think Travis and I are still in awe and just high on excitement that we can't sleep. With all this said, good night.