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Sandbox BMX Map

1440 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu HI 96819
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Track Operator:
Kris Moniz

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Race Pictures and Video Links

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Sandbox BMX Season Finale 20141213 Part-1 HD 
Sandbox BMX Season Finale 20141213 Part-2 HD 

Sandbox BMX 20141108

Sandbox BMX Local Race Mains Part-1 20141004 HD
Sandbox BMX Local Race Mains Part-2 20141004 HD
Sandbox BMX Mains Pt-1 20141108 HD 
Sandbox BMX Mains Pt-2 20141108 HD 

ESPN Sports Festival 28 June 2014

Sandbox BMX Mains Part-1 June 7, 2014

Sandbox BMX Mains Part-2 June 7, 2014

Sandbox BMX local race on June 7, 2014

Sandbox BMX RFL Mains Part-1 20140503

Sandbox BMX RFL Mains Part-2 20140503

SloMo Demo at Sandbox BMX 20140503

Sandbox BMX Warnicke Mains PT-1 20140322

Sandbox BMX Warnicke Mains PT-2 20140322

Sandbox BMX Warnicke Mains PT-3 20140322


Sandbox BMX Mains Pt-1 20140315 HD
Sandbox BMX Mains Pt-2 20140315 HD

Sandbox BMX 2013/12/14 Mains Part 1http://youtu.be/CPYysQfJLGY

Sandbox BMX 2013/12/14 Mains Part-2http://youtu.be/087Fb8a-W6c

2013/12/14 Sandbox BMX Qualifying Highlig


Sandbox BMX 20131102 Mains Part-1  http://youtu.be/wlF8vPMF95s

Sandbox BMX 20131102 Mains Part-2  http://youtu.be/0l4iw1FpCMg

Sandbox BMX 2013/11/02 Qualifying Highlights  http://youtu.be/HKq3o5r5O9k

Sandbox BMX 2013/10/05 Mains Part-1  Strider, Cruiser and Novice classes.  http://youtu.be/WQuLQEffYTk

Sandbox BMX 2013/10/05 Mains Part-2  Intermediate and Expert classes.  http://youtu.be/viMMoTAH3Bo

Sandbox BMX SCF Mains PT-1 2013/09/07 http://youtu.be/K0C7O056lmE
Sandbox BMX SCF Mains PT-2 2013/09/07 http://youtu.be/y-xPiovqv7A
Sandbox BMX SCF Mains PT-3 2013/09/07  http://youtu.be/x4WEkXC6rfc
2013/09/07 Sandbox BMX SCF QUAL Hilites  http://youtu.be/_9L_dtdkzd8Sandbox BMX 2013/08/03 SCR #2 Strider Mains
Sandbox BMX 2013/08/03 SCR #2 Mains Part-1  http://youtu.be/Ffobfra-pew
Sandbox BMX 2013/08/03 SCR #2 Mains Part-2  http://youtu.be/wdudA9G8fKo
Sandbox BMX State Championship Race #2 Highlights 2013/08/03  http://youtu.be/nsE9jBo9GwQ
2013/07/06 SANDBOX BMX SCR-1
SCR #1 Mains Part-1 includes Striders and 12 Cruiser to 8 Novice. http://youtu.be/W6c-nEQxDWg 
SCR #1 Mains Part-2 includes 10 Novice to 8 Intermediate. http://youtu.be/gQMZVhhjzcw 
SCR #1 Mains Part-3 includes 9 Intermediate to 19-27 Expert and the 41 & Over Novice.  http://youtu.be/q72Bqmibf44
Sandbox BMX SCR-1 Hilites   http://youtu.be/hZynjiUeUSk
2013/06/22 Sandbox BMX Olympic Day Pt-1  http://youtu.be/JUwrpcOH8f0
2013/06/22 Sandbox BMX Olympic Day Pt-2  http://youtu.be/1GLQgloDb60
2013/06/22 Sandbox BMX Olympic Day Pt-3  http://youtu.be/M-8JRqQfHes
2013/06/22 Sandbox BMX Olympic Day Pt-4  http://youtu.be/1K2rTWf82JU

Sandbox BMX Olympic Day Time Trials 2013/06/22


Hawaii Olympian at Sandbox BMX 2013/06/22


Sandbox BMX Olympic Day 2013/06/22


Sandbox BMX Race For Life PT-1 20130511   http://youtu.be/qk0tZE73u2Y

Part 1 features the Strider races and a special Mother's Day Mom's Open Class (for fun).

Sandbox BMX Race For Life PT-2 20130511   http://youtu.be/0FJJGUVpDw8

Part 2 features the cruiser and most of the novice classes.

Sandbox BMX Race For Life PT-3 20130511   http://youtu.be/_jdqip4SydY

Part 3 features the remaining novice class & the intermediate and expert classes.


2013/05/11 Race Pictures

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