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1440 Sand Island Parkway
Honolulu HI 96819
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Track Operator:
Kris Moniz

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Sandbox BMX News

  • It's DK Qualifier Triple Point Race DAY!!!! SATURDAY 5/28

      Novice and Intermediate racers can show up early for a FREE clinic today by Coach Drew Downey. Clinic starts at Noon.   Race Registration is 2-3pm. Special Triple Points reduced pricing is brought to you by IslandBMX INC. Wait 'til you see these trophies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st-4th place.    Lunchbox is open: Pork sandwich and pasta salad meal $6 Pork sandwich only. $3 Pasta salad $3 Hot dog $1 ...

  • Wednesday Practice 5/25

    It's a great day for BMX practice!!!! 3-6pm (you know we'll be there until it's too dark to ride). $7 Fee. Last chance to practice before the big race. Saturday 5/28 DK Gold Cup Qualifer-- TRIPLE POINTS!!!!!

  • May 28, 2016 DK Gold Cup Qualifier Triple Point Race

    Just a reminder, the DK Gold Cup Qualifier triple point race is just over a week away on May 28! Registration starts earlier from 2-3pm.

  • Saturday 5/21 BMX and STRIDER races.

    Registration 4-5pm. Fee: $12. Dont forget to grab a SANDBOX BMX hat while they are left $18. See you at the Sandbox.

  • Wednesday practice 18 May

    It is a great day for BMX practice. 3 to 6 p.m. See you at the sandbox.

  • Saturday 5/14 Local BMX Race

    Saturday 5/14 Local BMX Race Registration 4-5pm. Fee: $12. See you at the Sandbox!

  • Saturday BMX and STRIDER races 5/7.

    Saturday BMX and STRIDER balance bike racing. Registration 4-5pm. $12. In the Lunchbox we have: "The Godfather" Italiano burger $5 add side caprese salad for $1 "Tombstone" pulled beef burger $5 add chips for $1 Beverages include - Sprite, Coke and water for $1   WOW, try and find gourmet burgers anywhere at that price!    

  • Saturday Local Race- 4/29

    BMX races. Registration 4-5pm. Race: $12 Practice only: $7 Just a reminder. This Satuday we will be having a pot-luck in honor of the Ziesemers who will be moving to the mainland the day after on Sunday. Please bring your favorite dish. Rice, plates and utensils will be provided. The Ziesemers have been great friends, a great family and great volunteers. We will surely miss them. We at the Sandbox want to wish them Aloha as they continue their BMX and family adventure.

  • Wednesday Practice 4/27

    It's a great day for BMX practice. 3 until Dark. See you at the Sandbox!

  • HPD Track/Beach/Maui Ola Clean-Up

    Mahaloz to HPD KALIHI For orchestrating this awesome clean up at the track Maui Ola today.   Looks like there interested in some race a cop day in June for Olympic day lol Gonna be some funny stuff.

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