Back by popular demand. It's the Hampton Bmx annual LOCK-IN. It will coincide with our RFL(race for life) event on Aug.24. For those who have been. know what fun is to be had. For any new Hampton Bmx family members it is a evening of breaking bread together(dinner, racing, games, movies and more). Bring your tents, rv's or just be crazy and sleep under the stars.

Spend the night with us. Wake Up to the beautiful view and have breakfast. Parents, if you never get a night to yourselves here is your chance. We will be your babysitter for your precious cargo. Either way it will be loads of fun. 

Cost is $25 per licensed rider, includes RFL fee. $5 each additional family member. Don't forget your RFL envelopes are due on this date. Thanks to all who are supporting the cause.

***We will be providing dinner and breakfast but history has shown the kids (and parents) get hungry as the night goes on.  Please pack some snacks for your children or you can purchase them at concessions before they close.  Concessions will not be open all night, not sure what time they will close but probably around 10:00pm... don't hold us to it though.