Well folks, The Hampton Parks and Rec Department fought hard for us to reopen to running events, and they were successful to an extent, however they have been told we as a track must adhere to the Governor's Executive Orders of having no more than 50 people at the facility. 

With that said, the only thing remotely possible is block racing. The block racing guidelines will not work for us at this time as it will not allow our new riders and families to experience the racing atmosphere as a we know it. We would have more than 50 people at any aspect of the recommended block racing guidelines and any other ideas we discussed.

With that said and hours of discussions, we have decided to cancel our Sunday race and just have practice Saturday and Sunday. We must limit people during this time to 50 or less. So if your coming please message us or post here that you plan on coming with estimated time frame. We will run gate practice from noon to 4 pm both Saturday and Sunday with two 1.5 hour sessions.

Sorry about the bad news, thank you for understanding and respecting these special guidelines ahead of time. Please share.

Concessions, porta-johns, and beginner help are available both Saturday and Sunday.