The Thursday Night Summer Sizzlin Series starts tonight! Registration 6-7:30, Racing ASAP.  We will use the two moto transfer system so everyone can get home early.

As in the years past, we will be offering Series Plaques for $30.00 each.  If you purchase a plaque each race is $7.00. If you are racing 2 bikes, a second plaque is $30.00 and the 2nd bike is free (no award). If you only wish to purchase 1 plaque, the 2nd bike is $5.00.

Starting tonight you'll be able to start filling in your 10 race series finishes. Don't forget at the end of the series we will be awarding to cruiser, girls, expert, intermediate and novice a very special award. 

For the ones that do not purchase a series plaque, each race is $11.00 and the 2nd bike is $5.00 (no award).

Thursday night make up races are held on Tuesday nights. As an FYI, Saturday night make up races are held on Friday nights.

Hope to see you there!