My son moved to Nashville with his mother shortly after we were divorced. I live in Houston and I struggled for years looking for something he and I could share that would bring us closer together and make our weekends and holidays more fulfilling. I have always ridden bikes and raced some when I was younger, but as an adult I mostly rode Mountain bikes so I tried that with little luck. He didn’t really get excited about Mt Biking but he did ask about BMX so at 14, during a summer visit I got him a BMX bike and we went to a track here in Houston. That was it. My son Jordan was hooked and so was I.

Jordan is 17 now and has advanced to Expert. We travel all over the country together racing in at least 12 Nationals a year, chasing Gold Cup and State titles and my relationship with my son is better than I could have ever imagined being a divorced Dad living 1600 miles away. He spends his entire summers with me now chasing races and points. The summer of 2019 we drove 5900 miles and spent 118 hours on the road together over 2 months and we had an awesome time and made memories that will last a lifetime.

I have seen my son grow so much from BMX, learning the value of hard work, learning to lose with dignity, learning to win with dignity and be a mentor and pass what he has learned on to newcomers to the sport while welcoming them the way the BMX community welcomed and taught us when we were newcomers. But mostly, I have an amazing relationship with my son and BMX was what bridged that 1600 mile gap between Houston and Nashville that I struggled with for years.

BMX and the BMX community have given me more joy and memories with my son than I could have ever imagined. Great friends across the country, great life lessons for both of us and most importantly, a great relationship with my son based on our shared love of racing BMX.