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Drumquin Park - Britania Road
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Mike Galivan

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Old School Classic


SUNDAY June 3rd, 2018

What is the Old School Classic?

The Old School Classic will consist of a vintage BMX bike show, followed by a vintage BMX
race (the traditional race format only on vintage bikes).

Who can participate?

The event is open to all riders. Females are absolutely welcome to participate. Moms and
Dads of younger riders are encouraged to join the fun. Riders from other tracks are
Licence is required to ride (one day, first-time BMX Canada licences are available)

Where will it take place?

Milton BMX Racing in Milton, Ontario, Canada,

When will it take place?

Date TBD. The Old School Classic will be incorporated into
a local Race so their will be lots of other younger racers and their parents to ogle
your ride!

Will there be prizes?

Yes. Three prizes will be awarded. Awards will go to the best bike and the fastest rider. A
final award "The Old School Cup" will be awarded to the best combination of speed and
shine. Don't get too excited about the actual form of the prizes. This is a competition for
bragging rights. The prize will be a token that is meant to be fun.
Note: The local press (i.e. Snap and/or Milton Champion) may cover it.
You might get your pic in the paper!

What is a vintage bike?

A vintage bike is a BMX bike from the '70's, '80 or early '90s (think chrome and banana

Do I have to race the same bike I show?

Yes. Only if you are registering in the Old School Race, You do not need to race to be part
of the show. No "modern" bikes will be allowed in the old school race.

What is the format of the race?

Other than the stipulation to ride only vintage bikes, the format of the race will remain the
same. Similar to weekly races there will be 2 moto's and a main (semi final if required).

Where can I find a "Vintage Bike"?

Vintage bikes are everywhere. You can find them at Garage Sales, on the internet, or in a
friend's garage. It may need to be restored. That is all part of the fun.

How will the show and shine work?

Think vintage cars. The show and shine will be an opportunity to show off your vintage
bike. How did you come across it? How much did it cost? What did you do to restore it?
What is the history of the bike? What year is it?
A panel of three judges will evaluate each bike based on it's before and after photos, story,
and final appearance to arrive at a winner.
What is the point structure for the show and shine?
One third of the points will be awarded for the best over all bike, one third of the points for
the best before and after comparison (be sure to bring a "before photo"), and one third of
the points will be awarded for the best story. The rider with the most points will win the
show and shine portion of the event.

What is the point structure for the "Old School Cup" award?

Equal weighing will be given to your show and shine placing and your race finish. The rider
with the lowest points wins the Old School Cup.

Does my Vintage Bike need to be authentic?

No. It is a vintage bike show and race, but if your bike needs new wheels, bars, brakes etc
please do not hesitate to substitute parts. It would be excellent if any replacements parts
were from a similar bike or vintage, but no worries if some modern components are used.

Do I have to restore the bike?

No. You can ride it as you find it if you wish, but fixing it up is all part of the fun. Note 1/3 of
the show and shine points are based on the best before and after comparison so not
restoring the bike could cost you points.

Can I participate in the Show and Shine only and not race?


Can I show more than one bike?

Yes, Please bring as many as you would like. You can show as many for free as you would
like. There is a charge for every bike that you would like entered in the competition.

Who is organizing the event?

The wonderful volunteers at Milton BMX Racing. Contact for

How do I register?

Register At the track the morning of, Registration will open at 10:00

What does it cost?

$5 per bike to enter the show and shine. $10 per rider to race (includes one bike in the
show and shine). Regular local racing remains $10 (for those not participating in the old
School classic)

Are there different classes, for 20", Cruiser, Male, Female, and the different age

No. One class for all!

What is the schedule?


                                                                                      10:00 to 11:00 - Rider check in and payments collected

                                                                                       11:00 to 12:00 - Show and Shine - before your bike gets all dirty.

                                                                                      11:45 - 12:30 - Practice.

                                                                                  1pm to 3pm - Race (along with regular local races)

                                                                           3pm to 4pm - Awards will be presented. Outrageous acceptance speeches are encouraged!!

Do I need a # plate?

Yes. They do not need to be affixed to your bike for the Show and Shine portion, but you
will need to attach them for the race. Feel free to pull out old vintage plates and design
vintage replica plates. Keep in mind though that the numbers need to be big and clear.
How to calculate the points for the Show and Shine (Detail)?
Each participant will be awarded up to 90 points. Three Judges will individually rank the
best overall appearance, the best story, and the best before and after.
Each category is marked out of 10, with 10 being the best, and 1 being the worst.
All the marks from each category and each Judge are added to give an overall mark.
The participant with the highest points out of 90 with be awarded 1st place, the person with
the second highest points will be awarded 2nd place and so on.

How the points work for the race (detail)?

The main will determine the ranking of the top eight riders.
The ranking of any riders that do not make the main will be determined by their results in
the 3 motos. Rank 9 will be awarded to the rider who doesn't make the main and has the
lowest points in the three motos (points are determined by simply adding together your
placing in each of the three motos). For example if Rider A did not make the main but
finished 5, 4, and 6th in his/her 3 motos then 15 (5+6+4) is the point used to determine
Rider A's ultimate placing in the race.

How do the points work for the Old School Cup (detail)?

Simply add the ranking the rider placed in the race to ranking they placed in the show and
shine to arrive at a final point total. For example, If Rider # 1 placed 1st in the race and 7th
in the show and shine, there final point total is 8 (1+7).
The rider with the lowest points wins.

Tell me more about the "story" portion of the Show and Shine?

This is really the story of the bike as you know it.

How do you come across it?

What did you pay for it?

What do you know about its history?

What did you do to it?

Is it completely authentic? can help you with the history part of it. You are encouraged to display
the basic stats (year make, mode, specs) on a sign (bristle board) beside your bike.
The judges will evaluate your story based on pure interest.
The only stipulation is it has to be true!

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