The OMX Executive Board election will take place on Tuesday, November 10th at the monthly OMX Board meeting. To participate in the election a person must be a memeber of the voting memebership as defined by the OMX by-laws (see below). The Board accepted nominations at the October Meeting. The current slate of nominees for the 2021 OMX Executive are as follows:

  • Chris Thompson, President
  • Jay Gortney, Track Director / Vice President
  • Nicholas Phillips, Assistant Track Director
  • Rae Beebe, Treasurer
  • Nadia Harless, Secretray

There are three (3) additional positions that are appointed by the elected Board of Directors as Board Members-at-large in the following capacities:

•             Publicity / Marketing Director
•             Track Maintenance Director
•             Coaching Director

If you have interest in serving on the Board in any capacity or know of someone that would, please send an email to [email protected]

Per the OMX Bylaws a Voting Membership is defined as:

Voting Membership – Licensed USA BMX Riders above the age of 18 and Parents of Licensed USA BMX Riders under the age of 18 that declare Oak Mountain as their home track. Associate Members shall be considered part of the Voting Membership if they have completed 8 hours of volunteer activities (board meetings, track maintenance and/or race day activities)

Associate Membership – any family, regardless of the number of competing family members, who desires to support and promote BMX activities thru The Association.