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Trumbull CT 06611
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Track Operator:
Rich Parenzan
Liz Parenzan

Richard Parenzan

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Sponsorship & Donation opportunities

Trumbull BMX is run by a group of dedicated parents, lead by track operator Rich Parenzan and his wife Liz 

 We are constantly trying to improve the experience that riders and families have at our track.  In addition to the changes you have seen recently, we  are bringing in usabmx preimer track builders to dial in and perfect the track before the skim coating is applied . rider safety is the top priority as well as having a challenging track for our expert riders as well as our novice and older riders,would also like to add a permanent bathroom facility, replace and ugrade some of the lights , Many of our goals are lofty and, in some cases, expensive.  We need your help.  We purposefully keep our practice and race fees as low as possible to continue to make BMX affordable to all families.

This is where you, our parents, families, tradesmen, and local business come in.  Helping can come in many forms.  Volunteering at the track on practice or race nights is one  way. We also have sponsorship opportunities for local businesses that wish to get involved on banners, on our website as well as on promotional fliers, as well as trackside banners announcemnets during the races and practice nights.  

Though the almighty dollar is nice, often times what we need is people who can get things done.  Sometimes we may need an electrician or A/C repair, maybe a skid steer operator, roofer, IT person or a person with contacts in the media.  We don’t know who you are. If there is an area you think you can help us, please let us know.

-Chris G.

please contact liz at:  parenzan@sbcglobal.net or rich at rparenzan@gmail.com



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We need your help! Successful BMX programs are the result of a strong volunteer base. Be a part of something special and help make a difference in the lives of the kids & families at your local track.

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