Trumbull  BMX is Finally Opening for Racing !!! Saturday July 11th..our number one priority is the safety of all riders, guardians, and volunteers. We will be following all regulations and directives issued by the CDC, the Governor, Connecticut Department of Health and the Parks and Recreation which is allowing us to open under strict guidelines.  Failure to follow or enforce these guidelines will result in Trumbull BMX being forced to suspend racing. .

Step 1: Registration will be online only : We will release a separate message containing detailed information.  In short, riders will register on-line with registration closing Thursday July  2nd 8:00 pm . There will be NO late registrations or same day registrations.

Step 2: There will be NO moto corrections the day of the race.

Step 3: Block Racing: At the current time we are required to execute block racing to reduce the number of riders in the chutes, on the hill, and around  the track.  Example: For round one mottos 1-5 are called to the staging area; we will place riders in appropriate ranks/chutes with appropriate social distancing.  Once Motos 1-5 have cleared the track we will call motos 6-10 to staging.  At NO time will riders be allowed to "pre-stage" and MUST remain in their designated pit until called to staging.  This will be repeated until all rounds and the main event is completed.  Riders must exit the track and immediately return to their pits.  Failure to do so will result in race shortage until compliance is achieved. If the race is large enough we have have to race 2 separate groups ( 13&under ) where after one group finishes they clear the track and pits and then the second group ( 14&over) come in and run their rounds ..  we know some families have riders in both groups or the parents race themselves. The crossover should not be too much so enough people will be cleared from the area to maintain distancing.. we may have to pit in the parking lot and down first straight. We will open the second gate for easy access.
Please bear with us while we navigate uncharted waters . 

Step 4: Spectator Control: During the sanctioned event Trumbull BMX will be closed to the general public.  We ask that riders be accompanied by only a single guardian unless there are more than 1 racer in the family, unfortunately at this time we cannot allow non racing siblings to attend to reduce the number of people in the pitting areas.  Designated pittings area will be marked.  Pits are limited to a 10x10 canopy.  NO team pitting is authorized.  Pits are limited to 8 people (unless all are members of one family).  Pits are on a first come, first serve basis.  Pits must be separated by 10 feet.  All riders and guardians will wear mask when not in their pits if social distancing can not be maintained (riders may substitue their helmets for mask).

Step 5: Enforcement:  We understand you may have experienced, seen, or heard of different levels of enforcement of COVID and safety guidelines, but it is our intent to enforce the operating guidelines we have been authorized to operate under.  We ask for your patients and compliance as we resume racing activities.  Failure to do so will result in Trumbull BMX being forced to suspend sanctioned activities.  We ask that you dont be that "person" that ruins everyones opportunity based on a little inconvenience.  Remember we all want to race and we are in this together.


A few other Friendly reminders:
** There will be No Loaner Bikes or Helmets - please make sure you come prepared to Race.

At this time there will be NO Concessions so remember to bring your own Snacks and Water.


Thanks for everyone's patience while we have been working to get back to RACING!!!