1. Weekly Coaching/Pricing by Appointment, 

  2. Please contact Josh Wedge at: (860) 839-2918 or email at: Josh@LimitlessPROformance.com

  3. Private Lesson: $50, Semi Private Lesson (2 riders): $35ea, Group Lesson (3-5 riders): $25ea
  4. For 2017, The Trumbull BMX Track thrilled to offer another season of In-House BMX training with Coach Josh Wedge, for all your rider's BMX training needs!
  5. Who: Josh Wedge is a certified personal trainer, sports performance and USABMX coach.  He has spent 16 years competing in BMX racing throughout the country and began training young athletes nine years ago.  With thousands of hours and hundreds of athletes under his belt, he is a full-time trainer and coach, while attending graduate school for sports psychology.  
  6. What: Training to improve: Gate Starts, Track speed, Pumping, Passing, Jumping, Manualing, Confidence, Track Management, Off the Track Training.  

that each rider bring their own water bottle.