Parents Association Meeting’s

These meetings are open to ALL parents and riders 18 and over registered at Shoreham BMX.

This is a great avenue to hear what is going on with the track, make suggestions, or to simple get involved with the sport.

To be eligible to hold an elected position for the year 2021, the candidate must be a member in good standing and must have attended all three general meetings as a member including the September 2020, October 2020 and November 2020 meetings..

To be eligible to vote for Board of Director candidates in 2020 , members must be in good standing, and have attended two general meetings as a member up to and including the October 2020 meeting.

** Must be a parent in good standing and have your forms and dues paid in order to be eligible to vote or run for the board.

September 8th. 7:30pm at Shoreham BMX

First General meeting: Must fill out "The Shoreham BMX Parents Association Membership Application" form and pay dues to become a part of the Parents Association. This form is located in the resource section here on the website and can be emailed to the board at Or you can fill the form out the day of the first meeting. Dues can be paid by PayPal (link is available on homepage of the website) or by cash only the day of the first meeting. We will be discussing the voting, nomination process at this meeting.

October 13th. 7:30pm at Shoreham BMX

General Meeting

November 10th. 7:30pm at Shoreham BMX

General Meeting

If you have further questions, please email the board at