Mark your calendar for the 2023 Rider Awards + Brunch! Our annual awards celebration will take place on January 21, 2024 at James Joyce in Patchogue. Doors open bright and early at 10am and you'll be treated to a mouth-watering brunch spread.
Now, listen up, riders! If you've completed 10 local races at Shoreham BMX, you're in luck - no charge for you! But for all your adoring fans, friends, and family who want to come along for the celebration, snag an extra ticket. Kids under 10 can get in for $45, and those over 11 can join us for $50.
We're using a new platform called Zeffy to keep everything organized and ensure that every penny possible goes back to the track. When purchasing your tickets, you’ll be prompted to make an additional donation - but don't worry, this isn't required. If you want to opt-out, simply select "other" and enter "0" to bypass the fee. Zeffy is a non-profit platform that doesn't charge us any extra fees, but if you run into any issues, reach out to [email protected]. If you're more of a hands-on ticket purchaser, you can grab them in person at registration during our practice or race days. Let's get ready to celebrate our amazing riders!