We are all eager to get back to what was Normal. This has been a stressful time for everyone, especially the kids. Our local government has to abide by state rules as the Governor announces them. NJ is on the road to re-opening, but that does not mean everything is open 100%. Our Governor & township have not lifted restrictions on organized youth sports. EHTBMX will remain closed for racing & gate practice until further notice. We have received the Jack Frost sweatshirts & they are locked in storage at the track. It would take a group of us to sort & package the sweatshirts up. Our Township has asked us not to gather at the track for any reason. So for now, we have to leave the sweatshirts in storage. We apologize for the delay & fully intend to work with everyone to get sweatshirts out when we are permitted to. Thank you for your continued support & patience during this time. Respectfully EHTBMX Board.