Stateline Series

Hosted by DWBMX and Charlie’s BMX




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To boost ridership at both Charlie’s BMX and Drake Well BMX, we are holding the “Stateline Series”.  This series encourages riders to complete a minimum number of races between July 15 and September 15, 2020.  Upon completion of the minimum number of races, a rider will earn a hoodie commemorating the series.  Rules to earn a hoodie are as follows:


  1.  Riders must complete 5 single point local races at each track to earn the hoodie.

  2. At the first race to be counted for each rider, he/she must inform registration that they are competing in the series and need a punch card. The rider is responsible for presenting their card to registration at the end of each race so a board member can initial that race.

  3. Riders registering for the day’s race and using it toward their counted races will forgo a trophy or award for the day in exchange for a stamp/initial from the track. 

  4.  If a rider takes an award for that day’s race (trophy, saver stamps, track bucks) that race does not count toward the series’ final race total.

  5. A rider who races 2 classes in one local race are eligible for 2 stamps/initials for that day's race.  

  6. At the conclusion of the series, if a rider has missed a race and wants to receive credit for that race, they can pay $7 to earn that race’s stamp.  Maximum of 2 races (1 at each track)  can be accounted for this way. 

  7. Riders from all tracks are encouraged to participate.  

  8. Hoodies can be purchased by other non-racing family members for $30 each. If any rider/family member would like their name on the back of their hoodie it will be an additional $5 per hoodie at the cost of the rider/family member. 

  9. Hoodies will be awarded at the respective tracks’ end-of-the-year banquets.