We at DWBMX would like to thank those who stepped up and helped us Sunday to get our race up and off the ground. Without you we couldn't have made it happen! We thank you all for your swift response when we posted our needs and your efforts Sunday. The riders appreciate it as do we.

We need to communicate the immediate and critical point that DWBMX is at. There are two things that we are in need of at this point to stay open and a viable track: volunteers and riders. Here is what this amounts to.

Volunteers: we need volunteers to help in two ways. Track maintenance and race day help.

Track maintenance includes work to maintain the tracks overall appearance including mowing, weed eating, as well as maintaining the track after rainfall as it requires constant upkeep. This work is separate and distinct from race day preparations that occur prior to a race. What is happening is that our core group of volunteers have jobs that are out of town or are requiring us to work overtime. The work falls to a few and it is tiring. The city only mows the front and the side area. They do not maintain the inside of the track or the back area. That is the board responsibility. The track requires constant care and it simply cannot be maintained by a small group. Race day preparations are a not as vigorous if the track has been maintained during the week. Again, the more hands helping the better the track and the easier this task is.

Race day help also includes folks come early to set up different things around the track, to run the gate, corner marshals, staging, scoring, and depending on who can and cannot be there possibly someone to help in concessions. Since we typically have a smaller race some of those posts haven't been filled. It would be nice to have someone there to help new riders and families. Again, this same core group that is attempting to maintain the track and its facility is also attempting to run the races. There is simply not enough time to get it all done.

Riders: we need riders! This is also a big issue. I know that we redid the track to be a bit more challenging. Because of the material that was donated it is rocky. We are working on it. Again, it comes down to volunteers to work on the track and remove those rocks. We are working on raising funds and looking to write a grant to blacktop the turns. However, if rider counts don't increase we aren't going to move forward with the projects. Without riders to ride the track on race day we simply won't be able to stay open. That is ultimate bottom line. If there aren't volunteers to help or riders to ride we can't move forward with capital projects like a $12,000 project such as black topping the turns.

Let us state for the record that financially we are stable. We have battled back from problems in the past and are solid. There is a healthy bank account for both the general operating expenses as well as an account for the banquet this year which is a new thing.

We are asking for your help. We simply cannot continue the way we have been operating. We need your help or we cannot keep our doors open. It is as simple as that. So we asking that you do a few things...

Volunteer to help now until the end of the season. We have races scheduled through October that we need help weekly working on the track and also need help for the race day efforts.

Volunteer your time to be a part of the board for next year. The board is changing effective the banquet at the end of the season. The more members the better chance we have to keep things going. There is a list in registration with openings.

Volunteer your talent. If you can do something, let us know. It might be something we desperately need.

Come ride our track on race day. If you haven't been here in a while please come back. We need you. The difference between 6 and 8 Motos can be 2 riders. You make a difference! Bring your friends!

If we don't have some help and growth in our rider count soon we are going to have to stop racing this season. We just don't have enough help to continue to keep things going the way that they have been going.

We consider ourselves to be a part of the BMX family. We're reaching out to our family in hopes that we can keep this local track going. We absolutely need your help to do this. Please contact us to let us know if you can help us keep our track going.


The DWBMX Board Members