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516 Allen St
Titusville PA 16354
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Track Operator:
Brock Craig
Kelly MacDonald

Brock Craig

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Drake Well BMX News


    Our state qualifier weekend is fast approaching.  The race is scheduled for Sunday June 24, 2018.  Registration is from 9:30-11am and racing will be occurring shortly after registration closes.   Race fee is $20.  WE ARE RUNNING RAIN OR SHINE so be prepared for the weather conditions!  This race will not be rescheduled or canceled.    Camping is available at the track for the race.   Please note that camp fires are permitted at the track bu...


    Opening day is fast Approaching!  April 29th, 2018 is the beginning of race season.   Mark your calendars with our new race times.  Registration is from 11:00- 12:00.  Racing is ASAP. The staff at Drake Well BMX has been working hard, we have been prepping things at the track.  DWBMX now has rental race bikes for usage.  If you don't have a race bike, no worries!  We even have some helmets too if necessary.   Our staff is rea...

  • DWBMX Need's Your Help!

    We at DWBMX would like to thank those who stepped up and helped us Sunday to get our race up and off the ground. Without you we couldn't have made it happen! We thank you all for your swift response when we posted our needs and your efforts Sunday. The riders appreciate it as do we. We need to communicate the immediate and critical point that DWBMX is at. There are two things that we are in need of at this point to stay open and a viable track: volunteers and riders. Here is wha...

  • DWBMX 2016!!!

    Although we had to cancel today's event at Drake Well BMX, we are happy to announce everything is coming together very very well for racing next Sunday. We have made alot of changes to the track over the past month, without the help of mother nature. We are very excited about the changes, and can't wait to see the track full of riders. We can't thank our sponsors, and dedicated volunteers enough for the hard work, and support they have provided. Here are some upcoming special even...

  • Race Results from 7/16/15 Race

    MOTO 1- 6 Novice 1st Max Lingo, 2nd Rickie Tucker, 3rd Gabriel Loh,r 4th William Wilson, 5th Lucas Senita MOTO 2- 9 Novice 1st Jeffrey Hanlon, 2nd Extin COburn, 3rd Frankie Kee, 4th Bryce Coburn, 5th Abigial Wlison MOTO 3- 9 Intermediate 1st Devon Deeter, 2nd, Lahna Schenberg, 3rd Samuel Lingo MOTO 4- 11 Intermediate 1st Shania Hanlon, 2nd Jacob Knapp, 3rd Dillon Morrison MOTO 5- 13 Intermediate 1st Asa Adelhardt, 2nd Robert Hanlon, 3rd Devon Morrison, 4th...

  • State Qualifier Weekend Camping Information.

    Anyone planning on camping this weekend please pass this along to anyone that may not have Facebook. Thank you in advance from DWBMX!!! The designated camping area is across the parking lot in the field opposite of the track. We ask that you not use the softball field immediately adjacent to the track as the area is utilized by the local teams. Further clarification from Titusville's city manager is that fires are permitted under strict circumstances. They must be in a container or ...

  • Rained Out 6/18/15

    Once again the rain has beat DW BMX. No racing today due to wet track and more rain!

  • Rained Out 6/14/15

    Unfortunately Mother Nature is not on our side this weekend. We are canceling due to rain today 6/14/15. Hope to see everyone next Sunday!

  • Race Results 6-11-2015

    26-30 Cruiser Brock Craig 1st, Matt Urey 2nd, Craig Roehm 3rd 6 Novice Eric Jackson 1st, Max Lingo 2nd, Gabriel Lohr 3rd 15 Novice Robert Hanlon 1st, Chris MacDonald 2nd, Mitchell Baldwin 3rd 9 Intermediate Devon Deeter 1st, Samuel Lingo 2nd, Lahna Schenberg 3rd, Jeffrey Hanlon 4th, Frankie Kee 5th 11 Intermediate Shania Hanlon 1st, Kamden Cali, 2nd, Dillon Morrison 3rd 13 Intermediate Asa Adelhardt 1st, Devon Morrison 2nd, Jennifer Schenberg 3rd, Tyler Schenb...

  • Race Results 6-7-15

    DWBMX had 42 riders come out for an action packed Sunday of BMX racing! 5 Strider 1st- Kaleb Guiste, 2nd- Jacob Lingo 3 Strider 1st- Aiden Tucker, 2nd- Kaylena Gould 21-25 Cruiser 1st- Brennan Haley, 2nd- Brock Craig, 3rd- Craig Roehm, 4th- Matt Urey, 5th- Jeffery Harry, 6th- Amanda Burlingame 6 Novice 1st- Shawn Miller, 2nd- Rever Caudill, 3rd- Max Lingo, 4th- Eric Jackson, 5th- William Wilson, 6th- Gabriel Lohr, 7th- Rick Tucker 9 Novice 1st- David White, 2nd- ...

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