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516 Allen St
Titusville PA 16354
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Mike Howard
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Drake Well BMX News

  • Rained Out 6/14/15

    Unfortunately Mother Nature is not on our side this weekend. We are canceling due to rain today 6/14/15. Hope to see everyone next Sunday!

  • Race Results 6-11-2015

    26-30 Cruiser Brock Craig 1st, Matt Urey 2nd, Craig Roehm 3rd 6 Novice Eric Jackson 1st, Max Lingo 2nd, Gabriel Lohr 3rd 15 Novice Robert Hanlon 1st, Chris MacDonald 2nd, Mitchell Baldwin 3rd 9 Intermediate Devon Deeter 1st, Samuel Lingo 2nd, Lahna Schenberg 3rd, Jeffrey Hanlon 4th, Frankie Kee 5th 11 Intermediate Shania Hanlon 1st, Kamden Cali, 2nd, Dillon Morrison 3rd 13 Intermediate Asa Adelhardt 1st, Devon Morrison 2nd, Jennifer Schenberg 3rd, Tyler Schenb...

  • Race Results 6-7-15

    DWBMX had 42 riders come out for an action packed Sunday of BMX racing! 5 Strider 1st- Kaleb Guiste, 2nd- Jacob Lingo 3 Strider 1st- Aiden Tucker, 2nd- Kaylena Gould 21-25 Cruiser 1st- Brennan Haley, 2nd- Brock Craig, 3rd- Craig Roehm, 4th- Matt Urey, 5th- Jeffery Harry, 6th- Amanda Burlingame 6 Novice 1st- Shawn Miller, 2nd- Rever Caudill, 3rd- Max Lingo, 4th- Eric Jackson, 5th- William Wilson, 6th- Gabriel Lohr, 7th- Rick Tucker 9 Novice 1st- David White, 2nd- ...

  • Summer Kickoff Results

    DWBMX saw 29 riders come out to celebrate the end of a great school year under the lights! 6 Novice  1st- Max Lingo, 2nd- William Wilson, 3rd- Ryan Standfest 13 Novice 1st- Chris Macdonald, 2nd- Mitchell Baldwin, 3rd- Jessica Buhl, 4th- Dominique Guiste, 5th- Rachael Buhl 9 Intermediate 1st- Brady Heeter, 2nd- Devon Deeter, 3rd- Samuel Lingo, 4th- Jeffery Hanlon, 5th- Nate Standfest 12 Intermediate 1st- Josh Buhl, 2nd- Ryan Buhl, 3rd- Dillon Morrison 9 Girls ...

  • Summer Kick Off Race 6/5/15

    Join us this Friday June 5th, 2015 for our summer kick off race! Education is important and we want to reward our rider's for their hard work! Rider's that achieved Honor Roll the last nine weeks of school will receive free registration! THen after racing join us for a bonfire, S'mores, sparklers, and riding uner the lights! Let's kick off summer BMX style! registration starts at 5:30

  • Race Cancelled 5/31/15

    Due to the heavy rain we received yesterday and the forecast for today, the race for today 5/31/15 is cancelled. Next race is Friday June 5th. Summer kick off race!

  • Upcoming Summer Events

    Drake Well BMX has a busy summer coming up, and here are a list of our bigger events! Olympic Day Race- June 28th Chris Howard Memorial Race- July 9th State Qualifier- July 12th Race for Life- August 2nd Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race- September 6th We are looking forward to a great summer, with new riders, and new familes!

  • Schedule Changes, and Updates!

    Hey riders, and families! Here are some changes on our schedule.  Cancellations  May 17th- South Park BMX State Qualifier May 24th- Tri-City Thunder Softball Tournament August 9th- Westmoreland BMX State Qualifier We will be trying to add some races to make up for these cancellations.

  • Race Results 5-10-15

    It was a beautiful day for racing on Mother's Day at Drake Well BMX. 36 riders came out and braved temperatures in the 80's, a hot sun, and provided some excellent racing!!! 3 Strider 1st- Kaleb Guiste, 2nd- Jacob Davis, 3rd- Aiden Tucker 2 & Under Strider 1st- Zaidyn Palombo, 2nd- Bentley Winger 5 & Under Novice 1st- Ryder Davis, 2nd- Rick Tucker, 3rd- Ryan Standfest 7 Novice 1st- Nate Standfest, 2nd- Eric Jackson, 3rd- Max Lingo, 4th- Bryce Cobur...

  • Opening Day Results

    2 & Under Strider 1st- Kaleb Guiste, 2nd- Bentley Winger, 3rd- Kaylena Gould 21-25 Cruiser 1st- Brock Craig, 2nd- Matt Urey, 3rd- Jeffery Harry, 4th- Caitlin Slater 6 Novice 1st- Eric Jackson, 2nd- Shawn Miller, 3rd- Max Lingo, 4th- Rever Caudill, 5th- Ryan Standfest, 6th- Rick Tucker 8 Novice 1st- Samuel Lingo, 2nd- Nate Standfest, 3rd- Seth Glenn, 4th- Bryce Colburn 9 Novice 1st- Jeffery Hanlon, 2nd- David White, 3rd- Extin Coburn 12 Novice 1st- Chris Ma...