Time to get started...we have been working with the Parks Department the past few days to come up with a plan to get started. We are going to begin with just running practice at this time to see how things run before starting racing.

As we moved into the Yellow Phase, we are going to start with practice on Monday (6/8) from 5pm-7pm. Please note that in the Yellow Phase, we are under attendance limitations and all the same strict physical distancing protocols remain in place.

All USABMX memberships (new, renewals and trial) must be done online prior to arriving at the track and proof must be brought with you. We will not process any memberships at the registration window.


SPECTATORS - All registered riders are limited to one spectator (parent/guardian) - no exceptions. 

For example: If there is one registered rider, then only one parent/guardian is permitted to attend (not both parents and no siblings, etc.  Again, we have to be cautious of our attendance limits and courteous and fair to all who would like to attend. 

If two riders are registered, you may have two parents/guardians or any combination of immediate family member(s) attend (parents/guardian or siblings) but you cannot exceed two. It is highly recommended that those who may be at high-risk for illness from COVID-19 including those over 65 or immunocompromised please refrain from attending to reduce your risk of illness. Spectators must wear masks if near the fence line, in or around staging or common areas and when within 6 feet of other riders, families, staff, or volunteers. 

PARKING - Please be sure to allow a large gap between vehicles while maintaining min. 6 ft physical distance from those parked near or around you.

CONCESSIONS will be CLOSED temporarily. Please bring your own drinks and snacks. 

NO LOANER BIKES, HELMETS, or TOOLS. will be available. 

STARTING HIIL / STAGING AREA - All riders will be required to use ONLY designated chutes and gates.  Riders must wear full face helmet and gloves and have them on prior to approaching the staging  hill or lanes. Please do not take off race gear until you have returned to your pit area. No spectators are permitted on the starting hill. The only exception are the riders that may be assisted at the starting gate (5 years old and younger). Parents of riders six to eight years of age may stand at the bottom of the starting hill near the fence as long as they are maintaining appropriate social distancing

Please understand that this activity is voluntary and you are required and accountable to observe the restrictions and guidelines set in place to protect our staff, riders and community and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you choose not to follow the rules set forth above your family may be asked to leave and may not be able to participate again until social distancing guidelines change.

This is a voluntary activity. If you do not feel comfortable or are unable to meet these guidelines or you/your rider don’t feel good... please stay home.  For information, resources and operational changes related to COVID-19...https://www.governor.pa.gov/plan-for-pennsylvania/#Phase2Reopening