Balance Bike and Novice Class will race on MONDAY. All other classes (including INTERS) race WEDNESDAY. 


AWARDS - 2020 FLY RACING GEAR BAG SERIES (MUST complete 8 of 10 races to qualify). No other awards will be provided with the exception of the Balance Bike class. 


Registration will close promptly at 4pm. Motos will be posted online around 5pm. Any corrections must be made by 6pm by contacting 

This race will be divided over two evenings as outlined below. 

  • Monday nights: Strider and Novice Classes
  • Wednesday nights: Cruiser, Intermediate and Expert Classes

Each race night, gate practice will run 6:30pm-7:00pm with racing to follow. Once motos are posted you will need to pay close attention to the name of the CLASS on the top of the moto sheet. For example, a 15 intermediate may be put in a 15 expert moto, so this rider would race Wednesday with the Cruiser / Expert block. Another example is an 8 expert who ends up in the 9 Intermediate moto, they will race on Monday in the Novice/Intermediate block. If you have any questions as to what night your rider will race once motos are posted please contact the track via Facebook messenger or at



  • Novice & Intermediate Classes will be rescehduled to race the following TUESDAY evening
  • Experts and Cruisers C;asses will be rescheduled to race the following THURSDAY evening. 

COVID-19 protocols are active and must be followed or you will be asked to leave the event.