Giving back just got easier! We're excited to announce that South Park BMX has partnered with Benson Lincoln for an easy online fundraising event on Thursday, December 10. Benson Lincoln’s “Driven to Give” fundraiser is a charitable opportunity to raise money in a simple and fun way. This fundraiser is normally an in-person event where you drive a brand new Lincoln vehicle from the Benson Lincoln dealership around the lot and then fill out a survey. Due to COVID, the fundraising event is now 100% online with a virtual tour and survey.
As these are virtual events anyone in the country can participate and help to drive the donation and are hoping you all will help us out with a goal to sign up 175 people. For every virtual tour completed (presentation and survey), they will donate $25 to SPBMX. The more individuals who participate, the more they donate. And together, we can ALL give back to track.
All you need to do is pre-register using the link below for a Virtual Tour of a new Lincoln for either the 2pm or 6pm time on December 10. You MUST pre-register by clicking on the link Then watch the presentation and complete the survey.
Here’s how it works:
1. You pre-register (takes about 1 minute) online at
2. On the day of the event, Lincoln will send you a link that you will click on at 2:00pm or 6:00pm on Thursday, December 10.
3. Watch the virtual tour, which will consist of an opening (3 minutes) followed by the primary presentation (4-5 minutes), then Q&A (3 minutes); then a second presentation (4-5 minutes) Q&A (3 minutes), Lincoln wrap up (2 minutes) and then a Benson wrap up (2 minutes). You can be working, making dinner, doing laundry while watching the presentation.
4. Appox. 30 minutes after the presentation, Lincoln will e-mail you a survey. Upon completion of the survey SPBMX will receive $25 for each survey completed and submitted.
Total investment time is 30 minutes.
Please remember you must be pre-registered and it is IMPORTANT to complete the survey at the end of the virtual tour, that’s what completes the fundraiser and how SPBMX earns the fundraising money.
Please note, that credit is given per household so if there are multiple family members who would like to participate, please use separate names and alternate physical addresses.