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3625 Nimrod Rd
Traverse County MI 49685
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Richard Cebula

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What is BMX?

BMX = Bicycle Moto Cross

What is BMX ?
BMX racing is an all out sprint, on a pedal bike, through a track generally shaped like a “W”, averaging 1100 feet in length, made of clay, with a start hill, jumps, humps, table tops, three high banked corners, four straightaways, and a finish line. There are many tracks throughout the US and currently 9 in Michigan. On race day each rider will compete in at least three races, which are broke down by age and proficiency. BMX racing teaches responsibility, discipline, good sportsmanship, and builds self esteem! It’s an individual sport that does not frown on missing a race or practice. In BMX nobody sits the bench! BMX racing is fun for the whole family. If you're not on the track racing you might be fixing a bike, tying a shoe, or just enjoying watching. If you would like to be more involved we have several volunteer positions as the whole program is run by volunteers. BMX racing is highly known for the family friendly atmosphere!

Who can race?
BMX racing is enjoyed by young and old. Currently we have riders from 2 yrs old up to 78 yrs old. We have no age or gender restrictions! Official races are made up of individual age groups and skill levels.

We offer a free one day membership that can be used for a practice or a race! If you decide you would like to join USA BMX and begin racing BMX, it would cost you the price of a one year USABMX Membership plus race and practice fees.  Your USABMX membership includes > Membership card, 1 year subscription to PULL magazine, Official rule book and New Rider Manual.  Spectating and parking are always free.

USA BMX Membership Pricing as of April 1st 2013
 Membership                                                                                               Pricing
 Strider & 30 Day Trial Membership                                                                      $30
 Strider Upgrade to Full Member & Trial Conversion to Full Member $35
 Gold                                                                                                               $100
 First Family Member                                                                                         $60
 Second Family Member                                                                                    $55
 Third Family Member                                                                                        $50
 Pro (Vet and A Pro Only)                                                                                  $70


What do I need?
(Bike, Helmet, Long Pants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Closed toed shoes) BMX style race bikes are preferred but we can make any BMX style or youth bike work. If you do not have a helmet, check at the registration window, we do have them for rent. Pants should be denim, or motocross style, no wind pants or sweatpants! Shirts must be long sleeve and not rolled up. And for shoes, tennis shoes work best. Those mentioned above are the only requirements of the USA BMX. Other good non required options are gloves, elbow and knee pads, and chest protector.

How do I get started?
Come out on any scheduled race or practice day, there is no charge for parking, watching, or asking questions. Check out the action on and around the track. When you're ready to give it a try, go to the registration trailer and ask about the free trial.  Then fill out an application, if you're under 18 you'll need a parent or guardian. After that you can experiment on your own or we can have an experienced rider show you around. If you know you want to join, once again come out on any race or practice day, go to the registration trailer and they’ll set you up. With your one year USA BMX membership, you’ll be able to race at any track in the US, you’ll be insured at all USA BMX events, and you’ll have the opportunity to win great awards and prizes!

New Riders Manual

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We need your help! Successful BMX programs are the result of a strong volunteer base. Be a part of something special and help make a difference in the lives of the kids & families at your local track.

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