Miami South BMX Riders/Parents,

Starting next week, the Mayor and Miami Dade County Parks has allowed us to go into Phase 3.  Here is what this means for us: 

50 capacity in the whole facility:

  • 20 riders with 1 parent/guardian for under 18 rider(s) per household) = 40

  • 10 board members to comply with County regulations

Tuesday & Thursday Practice:

  • 20 riders

  • 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

  • $10.00

Saturday (RACE ONLY): 

  • 20 riders

  • 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

  • $10.00

  • Registration will be through Facebook the day before at 10 am and payment will be through PayPal within 10 minutes of registering will remain the same. No exceptions will be made. Make sure when you register your kid(s) you include USA BMX # / PLATE # / CLASS, Cruiser, or both) in pertaining box. Reminder: we need 3 cruisers to create a moto. If we do not have 3, your spot will be cancelled, and money will be returned.

  • Race motos will be posted on moto board. ONLY parents (2 at a time) will be allowed to go take a picture of your kid(s) moto and return to your assigned spectator spot or vehicle.  Since motos will be printed the day before, there will be no moto corrections. REMINDER: We do not create the motos (USA BMX Race Manager does this based on age/proficiency).

1 Parent/Guardian for 18 and under riders. Parents/Guardians will be able to sit (in your own chair) in spectator area. Your assigned parking spots will be your assigned spectator spots. Changes will not be allowed. If you do not want to sit in your assigned spectator spot, then you may remain by your vehicle. Venturing off will not be allowed.

  • Over 18 riders: NO spectators are allowed.

  • Face mask/coverings required at all times.

  • Bleachers and picnic tables are not available.

  • Bathrooms and concessions will remain closed.