As you all know the track is undergoing a rebuild starting today.  This week consists of utility marking, tree marking, setting up temporary electric for the work site, removing fencing, setting up temporary work site fencing and preparation for demolition.  If everything goes a planned, the demolition phase could begin this week.  After the demolition phase is complete, the construction of the starting hills will begin.  This construction consists of an 8 meter Supercross hill and a 3 meter Amateur hill. 

Billy Allen, USA BMX track builder, and his crew are scheduled to arrive June 26th.  They will be here for two weeks.  Their portion of the rebuild consists of blowing out the 1st turn and moving it back, reworking the 1st straight to merge both starting lanes before entering the 1st turn, reworking the 2nd straight when exiting the 1st turn, rebuilding the 3rd turn, reworking the end of the 3rd straight entering the 3rd turn, and straighten out the last straight.  Once this portion is complete the 1st and 3rd turns will be paved.  The track will then be ready for soiltac. 

Once the rebuild is complete and Derby City BMX is back up and running, the Supercross hill will be locked unless we are hosting an event.  The track will remain open to the public except during scheduled events.

There will be a meeting between the contractor, park staff and Derby City BMX President & Track Operator weekly.  This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and allow us to update you on the progress weekly.

I hope this answered a lot of your questions.  We are looking forward to a smooth and timely rebuild, but please be aware that things happen and alot of the rebuild hinges on good weather.