As we approach the start of our 2017 season, we would lke to give you an update on some changes being made this season.  As most of you know, Derby City BMX underwent a major rebuild last year.  With growth and change comes expense increases across the board, more track maintenance, higher utilities, etc...  With the start of 2017, all tracks were notified that the insurance fees on all events would increase.  This has been a trend for the last several years with the lastest insurance increase going into effect on March1, 2017.  Derby City BMX has not had a registration fee increase in many years, but due to increasing costs we will be raising registration fees on all events.  The rates are as follows:

     Gate Practice $5.00

     Single Point Race $15.00

     Double Point Race $25.00

     Triple Point Race $35.00

Derby City BMX is trying to soften the blow of the increased fees and will be offering the following incentives:

     Punch Cards $80.00 - We will offer punch cards allowing 5 races and 5 gate practices for the 2017 season.  This is a $20.00 savings, this is basically 1 free race and 1 free practice.

     Track Bucks - We will offer Derby City Track Bucks in place of awards.  These track bucks can be used twoards race fees, gate practice fees, concessions and Derby CIty BMX merchandise.

     Multi Family Member Discounts - Any family with more than 3 riders will be capped at $50.00 per single point race.  PLEASE NOTE THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SINGLE POINT RACES

Look for more incentives to follw and we look forward to seeing you at the track this season!!