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Bethel CT 06801
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Track Operator:
Don Olson
Track phone: 203-798-6373
Off-hours: 203-744-7962

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2020 Race Season Rules

Bethel Supercross BMX 2020 Race Season Rules

We welcome everyone to the 2020 race season at Bethel Supercross BMX! In accordance with CT state regulations, and USA BMX and Bethel town rules regarding COVID-19 restrictions, we will be following social distancing protocols and have implemented new track policies.

These rules are for your safety. We want all riders and family members to feel safe while at the track. Please help us by cooperating so the track can remain open.  If you are sick or have symptoms please stay home.

We look forward to re-opening the track for our 38th season of BMX racing at Bethel Supercross BMX. Please be patient until we get used to these new social-distancing protocols. We’re delighted to have everyone back, and hope to create an atmosphere where everyone can be safe, healthy and have fun.

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING – Please adhere to the rules and signs in the park for 6-foot social distancing. Masks must be worn when not wearing a helmet. Riders are asked to pit with his/her family at their car in the parking lot when done riding. Family members must wear a mask when not in their pit area. Please keep family members within pit areas.
  • CONTACTLESS REGISTRATION – We are using online registration and payment for racing. Please note the sign-up cut-off time is Tuesday at 9:00 PM for our Wednesday races. Follow directions closely and fill out all information when registering online.  $10 race fee, Trophies 1st – 3rd, with ribbons 4th – 8th.   Only registered racers can practice on race days. (Sorry, no practice for non-racers this year. See Monday evening practice info at bottom.)

REGISTRATION and payment can be found at:

  • ONSITE REGISTRATION is reserved for new riders (including new striders and novices).  *IF FOR ANY REASON YOU CANNOT REGISTER ONLINE – BRING YOUR USA BMX CARD TO THE REGISTRATION WINDOW. Please stand in line with 6’ distancing.  You must have a current membership to register. If it has expired, please renew online (or on your phone) before coming to the window. Onsite registration closes at 6:00 pm on Wednesdays.
  • MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS – All USA BMX membership renewals should be completed online via USA BMX’S new registration portal on the USA BMX website. Unfortunately, will not be processing membership renewals at the track. This can be done on your phone.
  • ONSITE CHECK IN: All riders must check in at the outdoor table when you arrive and receive the sticker for your brake wire so that you can start practicing. Due to the risk of exposure we will not be providing tech inspections.
  • GATE PRACTICE – Staging lanes will be staggered with 6’ distancing. Practice will use gates 1, 3, 6, and 8. Racing will use assigned gates. Please wear helmets when in staging. When you are done practicing please return to your pit area.  When your helmet is off, a mask is required unless you are at your pit with your family.
  • MOTO SHEETS – Motos can be found online once registration closes. We will also post paper moto sheets, which will be spread out. To view moto sheets please social distance yourself 6’ from others, and be courteous. Please wear your masks.
  • STAGING FOR RACING – Staging lanes will be staggered with 6’ distancing. Please do not approach the staging area until your block of motos is announced. Please wear your helmet when you leave your pit area heading to staging. Following each moto or main event, please do not gather at the finish line area.
  • RENTAL EQUIPMENT – Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer helmet rentals due to state restrictions. Riders must use their own safety gear for racing.


  • We will offer a limited menu of snacks and drinks.
  • We are requesting that a parent with a mask place the order and pick up, following 6’ social distancing.  Kids should remain at Pit area with family, if possible, or wear a mask.  Credit cards can be used.


  • Trophies will be awarded from 1st – 3rd place. Ribbons 4th – 8th.
  • After you receive your award, we ask that you return to your Pit area and if no one else in the family has a race then we kindly request that you leave the park.


  • We are asking families to stay together at their pit area by their cars. Please park 10-15’ apart from other cars. Masks can be off with your family in your pit area.  Please watch your kids when cars are entering and leaving park.


  • We ask that you bring your own hand wipes from home and have your family use them before touching the bathroom door to enter, then again when leaving. Park and Rec is providing a Hand Washing Station for us but once that gets depleted you will need your own wipes. We will be monitoring the potties for their condition, and again your help with your kids will benefit us all





Monday Gate Practice Sessions will be split into two groups:

  • First group – 6 to7 PM: All new riders, striders and 10 and Under riders.
  • Second group – 7 to 8 PM: All riders over 10.

With this split the intention is to give adequate time to register new riders, explain the rules, and allow ample time to practice and monitor the 6’ distancing and safety procedures. Older riders can help as instructors during the first group.

Please maintain 6’ social distancing. Wear a mask when your helmet is not on.

Adult Volunteers – We will need volunteers to help with social distancing in staging and racer check-in, as well as overall mentoring of new riders and families.

  • Volunteers should come early for that 6 to 7 PM time and if your rider is older than 10 they can do some instructing. They will get time on the track and then be ready for their practice at 7. 

New Volunteers Welcome – This year will require more volunteers due to all the health requirements/ restrictions. Please help us out. New volunteers are more than welcome! Please come up to a track official and let us know if you can help out.

Thank You and Welcome Back! – We look forward to re-opening the track for our 38th season of BMX racing at Bethel Supercross BMX. Please be patient until we get used to these new protocols. We look forward to having everyone back, being safe, healthy and having fun.

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