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Akron OH 44306
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Ed Nelson
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Restart Ohio Action Plan for Akron BMX as of June 8, 2020

On behalf of Akron BMX, we would like to welcome BMX Racing back to the Akron BMX facility located at 1000 Derby Downs Drive, Akron OH 44306. We have been granted permission to open under the Responsible RestartOhio, as a Sports League (Non-Contact, Limited Contact). In order to open we had to submit a detailed action plan to safely operate per the requirements set forth by the Governor. We are very thankful that the parks and recreation department along with the city of Akron has given us permission to start our 2020 season. Below are the guidelines, facility modifications, procedure changes, and other policies we are putting into place as our Phase 1 RestartOhio Action Plan. It is extremely important to know and follow these guidelines if we want to keep BMX open in Akron, Ohio.


A. Required Guidelines To Attend Akron BMX

1) Require ALL Workers, Volunteers, Participants, and Spectators to perform self-evaluation of symptom assessments as recommended by the CDC prior to attending all events.

2) Anyone who has a temperature, is exhibiting symptoms, or has been in contact with a person that has tested positive in the past 30 days for COVID-19 should not attend our events.

3) Anyone attending must practice social distancing and follow the guidelines set forth in our Phase 1 Opening Action Plan or will be asked to leave.

B. Additional Guidelines for Participants and Spectators

1) All Participants and Spectators are required to park and pit with Social Distancing in mind.

2) Pit Areas including vehicles and canopies should be spaced with a Minimum of 6’ from each other.

3) Participants and Spectators are required to limit the size of their groups to no more than (10).

4) Everyone is expected to be courteous and respectful to those around them at all times.

5) There should be no sharing of helmets, gloves, clothing, or other types of equipment.

6) Wash or sanitize your hands after encountering areas or items that may be shared.

7) Avoid touching fencing and other things that may assist in communal spread.

8) Encourage others to help keep Akron BMX a Safe and Healthy Environment.

9) Athletes and their Spectators MUST FOLLOW THE RULES or the athlete will be excluded from the day’s event and offenders will all be asked to leave.

C. Staff & Volunteer Worker Guidelines

1) All volunteer workers Must help maintain and monitor a clean and safe environment.

2) Clean All areas that may have had or will have multiple people in physical contact regularly.

3) They Must use face coverings when having direct contact or when interacting with others.

4) They Must practice and monitor social distancing whenever possible.

5) They Must wash and sanitize their hands regularly.

6) Staff and Volunteers Must Lead by Example.

D. Site Facility & Procedure Modifications

1) Limit Contact in Spectator & Pit Areas

a) Social Distancing Must Be Observed at All Times.

b) All Bleachers to be Closed and Not In Use.

c) Limit Group Size to no greater than (10) People.

d) All Pit Areas should be single canopies with a Minimum of 6’ from each other.

e) We recommend that pit areas be limited to family members and not teams.

2) Very Limited Access To Areas Inside The Fencing

a) No Spectators permitted inside the fenced in area.

b) No Spectators permitted in the announcer’s tower or corner marshal stands.

c) The access to the areas of competition will be limited to ONLY athletes and working volunteers.

d) Additional fencing will be added to restrict access to the track area.

e) All gates will be closed except the main double gates for entry and exit.

3) Buildings and areas for congregation will be Closed off and Restricted.

a) Buildings will be only open to Staff or Working Volunteers that are assigned to that area.

b) The common viewing areas and bleachers will be Closed.

c) Concessions will be opened with a limited menu and social distancing will be required.

d) No tables or congregating under the pavilion to start.

e) Rental building will be used for awards only in Phase 1.

4) Portable Rest Rooms to be located away from staging inside fenced area.

a) They will be cleaned prior to all events.

b) They will be unlocked for events only.

c) They will include Hand sanitizer in each unit.

d) People must maintain social distancing while waiting.

e) People must exit the fenced in area when finished.

5) Increase Awareness, Post Signage, and Monitor

a) New Guidelines and Procedures will be posted.

b) Signs will be posted on All Restricted Areas and properly monitored.

c) We will Post CDC and Summit County Health Department Information and Recommendations. 

E. Event Procedure Modifications

1) Event Registration, Sign Ups & Award Policy

a) Social Distancing will be monitored and face protection will be encouraged in all lines.

b) Only (1) person will be allowed in line to register a participant.

c) That person must return to pit area outside of fencing after registering is complete.

d) Registration workers will maintain a clean and safe area to sign up.

e) Registration workers will wear face protection when interacting with the public.

f) Only working staff will be allowed to enter the registration building.

g) All awards will be passed out at the Rental Building following the main events.

h) Local Event awards can be picked up at the following event as well.

2) Rental Building

a) No rental of bikes, helmets, or gear.

b) No community air hose or tools will be available.

c) The Rental Building will have limited access during the RestartOhio Phase 1 Action Plan.

d) No Lines will be permitted following the main events for trophy pick up.

e) Local Awards will be passed out by Main Event Number and social distancing is required.

3) Main Track Practice and Racing

a) Only Riders will be permitted in the Staging Areas.

b) Only 5 & Under riders can have a Parent with face protection assist them on the gate.

c) All Main Track participants must wear full face helmets when entering the Staging Areas.

d) Staging will be reconfigured from the current (10) lanes to (8) that align with gate positions.

e) All riders in staging areas will be monitored to maintain proper distancing.

f) All Participants will be separated to groups of (8) or less.

g) Each group of (8) riders will be separated by 6’ minimum from the next group.

h) No stopping or cutting the track during practice.

i) No riders can stay in the track or finish line area after completing lap.

j) ALL riders Must exit the corral area and return to their pit areas following their race.

k) Moto Boards will be relocated away from staging and spaced apart outside of the fenced area.

4) Balance Bike Track and Area

a) Balance bike area will be closed during the Main Track Practice Sessions.

b) Balance bike practice will be limited to 10 Minutes after the Main Track is cleared.

c) Balance Bikes will race their entire program first and then the area will be cleared.

d) No operational gate and no more than (4) riders per gate at a time.

e) Balance bike riders can have only (1) family member to assist them.

f) The family member that is assisting Must have Face Protection on in the balance bike area.

g) Any additional family members or spectators Must remain outside of the main fenced in area.

h) The family member that is assisting Must monitor their participant and help them maintain social distancing.