Congratulations to Akron BMX. Our final standing for 2022 #1 for the State of Ohio and #3 for the Eastern Region. Thank you to the riders and volunteers for helping us achieve this goal.

The following will remain the same: Awards, Winner Circle Shirts, Savor Bucks, Volunteer Awards.

Akron BMX will be offering on-line registration for all race events.  The link for registration will be posted as soon as everything is set up and ready to go.  Race fees for on-line will be $12.00 per class for local single point races, no discount for second class.  Race fees at the track will be $10.00 per class for local single point races, no discount for second class.  Akron BMX will be charging $2.00 convenience fee for credit card users.

Akron BMX will be hosting a Beginners League starting with an Open House on June 5, the league will start two weeks after that date. This is only for riders that have never raced before.

No Membership Days Will Be: Bob Warnicke Scholarship Race May 20; National Membership Day on June 8;   Race for Life/Flat Pedal Open July 15.

We will be holding clinics for our riders on Sundays schedule will be released

Akron BMX will be having two series this year:

Summer Jersey Series Summer Jersey Series will be a series of races starting June 1 and ending August 31, 2023. Riders must race ten races to qualify for the jersey. All riders who qualify will be awarded an Akron BMX jersey at the Annual Awards Ceremony.

The Top 5 Local Point Series is overall total points, we will award top 5 in the following classes: Expert, Intermediate, Novice, Cruiser (men and women combined), Girls and Balance Bike.   Top 5 riders overall will receive a hoodie sweatshirt. You must race 17 single point races to qualify for this series. The Top 5 Local Point Series, runs from April 23 to August 31, 2023. We will use the rider’s total points for the series. The rider will receive Akron series points for every single point race. As a rider moves up in age and proficiency, points are carried forward. All riders will receive credit and points for every race they race even if they did not race the main. Free ceremony tickets are awarded to the top 5 qualified riders. 

The awards ceremony will be held on October 14, 2023 again at the track.