August 2019 ~ Rider of the Month ~ Alexander George

The George racing dynasty is now officially NOVA BMX lore. Alexander "Xander" George, NOVA BMX’s August 2019 rider of the month, is the first honoree to have been preceded by another family member. His little sister, Izzy, earned that distinction in June, and now the spotlight shifts to him. Any way you look at it, this family is going places … fast.

Both Xander and Izzy had the honor of participating in the UCI BMX World Championships at Heusden-Zolder, Belgium in July. Xander raced in the tough 13 & 14 Boys Cruiser Class, making all of us at NOVA BMX proud with the grit and determination he brought to each lap. While his World’s bid ended in the qualifying motos, it is a noteworthy accomplishment to compete on that stage at all, especially considering 2019 was only Xander’s third year of consistent BMX racing.

Xander actually began racing at age 4 ½ at Blue Springs BMX in Missouri, but he didn’t go all in on the sport until well into the 2017 season. By then, the family had moved to the Woodbridge, Va. area, and a Cub Scout bike rodeo led them to NOVA BMX. Xander returned to racing that August, quickly making his way from Novice to Intermediate.

The 2018 season was a turning point for Xander, as a heavy racing schedule and a lot of hard work gave him the experience and confidence to be a contender in national-level competition. Xander then turned Expert in March of this year.

Xander told me he races so much he rarely has time to do other training. Currently, he races 13 Expert, 13 Open, and 13-14 Cruiser. On any given weekend, Xander, Izzy, and their parents – dad, Kerry and mom, Chris – can usually be found at a USA BMX national, a regional Gold Cup, or a state race. When they’re not on the road traveling to the bigger races, Xander and Izzy can be found at NOVA BMX tearing up the track at local races.

Xander rides with smoothness and confidence, and he has a knack for reading races and finding the most advantageous lines. He admits that 13 Expert is tough, but he enjoys the challenge of one of BMX’s most competitive classes.

Xander was impressed with the skill level of the riders he encountered in Belgium. He said the track at Heusden-Zolder was more technical than the typical American track and that the risk/reward ratio was greater. Jumping one of the steep obstacles could move a rider up in the pack, but casing the jump (i.e., hitting it with one or both wheels) could easily doom a rider to lose places as well.  

When asked what he likes most about BMX racing, Xander replied, “It’s not just a sport, it’s a family.” He said the riders look out for each other and push each other to go beyond their comfort zones to reach the next level. Xander credits his own rapid development as a BMX racer with surrounding himself with positive people who create a good vibe for progression and self-improvement.

Xander’s near-term goals in BMX are a #1 Gold Cup plate and improving his standings in the USA BMX National Age Group rankings (NAG). He hasn’t yet decided whether he’ll attempt to qualify for the 2020 Worlds in Houston, Tex., but if we were to consult the Magic 8 Ball, it would likely tell us, “Signs point to yes.”

Currently, Xander is a free agent riding a Supercross Blur frame. He spent a good bit of time on the Yess Factory Team, however, and he is grateful for the support and opportunities it gave him. Besides his mom and dad, Xander wanted to thank his sponsor, ODI grips. He also said NOVA BMX rider Chris Blackburn – current NAG 10 in 51-55 Cruiser – has been a helpful source of coaching and advice.

BMX is truly in Xander’s blood. His older brothers Jacob and Christopher used to race, and now the torch has passed to him and Izzy. His mom and dad have been known to hit the track for a few hot laps in local races as well.

We’re glad the Georges have found a home, and a family, at NOVA BMX. Xander is a great example of how hard work and consistent effort pay off in BMX, and we wish him the best as he continues the familial tradition of going fast on two wheels!

This rider spotlight was written by our local racer and BMX dad, Christopher Zealand. Photo credits go to B&C BMX Photography.