As annouced by USA BMX, there has been a change in the state of Virginia in regards to the State Championship Series for 2020. Several of the tracks are prohibited from running a state race this year. Therefore, the minimum eligibility requirements for the predetermined number of SCR races will change to one (1) state race for qualification within the Virginia State Championship Series. As always, if you race in more than one SCR, your best score plus the final will be used.

The Virginia tracks have put together a Virginia State Final weekend with events to be held at VMP BMX. The events will start off with a double point state pre-race on Friday night with registration being handled at the track. A State Qualifier will be held Saturday, followed by the State Final race on Sunday.

Registration for the State Qualifier and Final are ONLINE ONLY with registration closing at 8 pm, Thursday, October 8. To register for the VA State Final Race Weekend go to, Events, State/Provincial/Virginia.


Saturday State Qualifier Race

Practice: 11am-1pm
Racing: ~1pm
Entry fees: Class & Cruiser $25 / Balance Bike $10

Sunday State Championship Final

Practice: 9-10am
Racing: ~10am
Entry fees: Class & Cruiser $35 / Balance Bike $15

Camping is available; first-come, first-served.


  1. If you are sick, show any signs of COVID-19 (such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath, or new loss of sense of smell or taste), or have recently traveled to an area with a high level of COVID infections, please do not come to the track. We ask all riders and accompanying attendees to perform a wellness self-assessment before coming to the track. Let's keep all our volunteers, riders and families safe!

  2. All riders must be current USA BMX members to participate in the State Series events. If your membership has expired or if you are a new rider, please go online to to process your renewal or new membership prior to registering for the race(s).

  3. Loaner bikes, helmets, and other gear are not available. You must bring your own bike and helmet for these events. (Full face helmet is highly recommended.)

  4. All riders and parents are expected to maintain social distance from unrelated persons. Masks/face coverings are recommended for those in higher risk categories or when social distancing cannot be maintained. This includes riders when helmets are removed or those not wearing full-face helmets.

  5. Riders should only use designated lanes to go up the staging area to the starting gate. Race staff may limit rider entry into staging area at any time. All riders must comply with race staff directions.

  6. There will be no stopping on or around the track. For gate practice, full laps only with riders returning to staging or properly spaced pit area.

  7. Pits may be set up in the grassy areas adjacent to the track as well as in the inner and outer “triangles.”

  8. As always, full gear is required at all times on the track.

  9. Parents are not permitted in the staging area, unless assisting a child 7 years of age or younger.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience with our all-volunteer staff as we work to adhere to the guidelines of the CDC, the State of Virginia and Dinwiddie County.

Special Annoucement:

T-Bone BMX will be hosting a clinic before practice for the State Qualifier Race at VMP-BMX on Saturday, October 10! This is open to all ages and proficiencies. There is a 30 rider max, so be sure to sign up fast! Pre-registration only: