Today (Saturday, November 28) was our last event for the 2020 season. While no one wants to pause our track time, it is time to close for the winter. We are so grateful for the season we had; we sure did make lemonade out of some lemons.

We started the season with BIG plans for an EVEN BIGGER year. We blasted off with opening day in March with 250 racers. And then it all stopped. But even with all that, and a slow reopening - we still ended up pulling off 11 races with an average rider count of 109 riders! (Last year our average rider count was 59!) We grew our NOVA BMX family by 25%, and already are so fond of our new family members. We look forward to watching all our novices blossom into intermediates, and continue to watch our intermediates and experts crush it as they learn new skills — both on and off the track.

We thank Prince William County Parks & Recreation for their support this year. Those lights that made Wednesday night racing possible are thanks to them and our wonderful partnership. We also thank Barnes & Thornburg and Gutter Ethics LLC for their excellent sponsorships. And Blot Out Graphics for the help with our logos and jerseys; thanks for being a part of our family. And our main food trucks - Tacos Mixto and Muggerz BBQ, thanks for keeping us well fed on race night.

Thanks to our board for being so agile. We never knew exactly what would be thrown our way, but you guys adjusted and overcame the obstacles. A special thank you to Fredy Caceres for the countless hours and effort spent being Track Operator for the better part of the last 4 years. You have made a big impact on so many kids.

And of course our amazing volunteers: we’d be nowhere without all the help provided in all areas of the track.

A 20th anniversary year to remember, indeed. We are working on a plan for a year-end event; not quite sure what that will be at this point, but stay tuned! Either way, we will see you back at the track in the spring!