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4600 Blanchard Woods Drive
Evans GA 30809
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Track Operator:
Joy Mann

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Parent/ Rider Meeting Notes

Blanchard Woods BMX

Parents & Riders Association Meeting Agenda 

June 13, 2020


Call to Order at 809pm

Board members present: Joy, Trenton, Tim, Nicole, Stacy; Ollie not present


Financials Review

  • bank balance:  $6375

  • Paypal balance:  $69

  • Cash drawers:  $165

  • upcoming purchases:  track layout materials (equipment rental $250-$300, dirt $200/load, glue $650/barrel w/ shipping), trophies for SQR ~$1500


Track Business

  • Track layout rebuild review

  • Start hill project review currently in negotiations with County

  • COVID-19:  As of now, the track is operating business as normal in accordance with Columbia County Parks & Recreation and USABMX.

    • Take precautions—stay home if you or your child are sick, wash hands regularly, sanitize, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, practice social distancing

    • No loaner helmet program in June; will reevaluate in July

    • New utility sink for use with concessions

    • New Rider Clinics to resume in July

  • Lawn Care:  The grass (and weeds) are growing.  Please help maintain the track in your spare time.  Official track maintenance days/times TBD--follow FB for updates

    • lawn committee

  • There’s been questionable activity at the track so we have new locks for the gate and for the shed.  

  • Donated to track: New drag and PA equalizer

  • SQR weekend will be rescheduled due to scheduling of Dixieland National.  Updates forthcoming.

  • Olympic Day will be rescheduled

  • No summer series in 2020; discussing possibility of fall series; need Association members’ feedback

  • Projects completed: stairs to shed, bbq pad, air hose replaced, helmet hooks up 

  • Projects started: painting of shed

  • Looking for a volunteer with a power washer to clean the stairs to the tower


Association Business

  • Track Jersey Orders--due June 30, get with Joy or Stacy if you need a form or have questions.


Open Forum


Adjourn at 816pm



Blanchard Woods BMX

Parents & Riders Association Meeting Agenda 

March 13, 2020


Call to Order 8:00pm

Board members present: Joy, Trenton, Ollie, Stacy, Tim, Nicole (running concessions errand during meeting)


Financials Review no review, bank balances will be posted on FB



Track Business

  • Track layout rebuild on hold until builder finishes project in CO.  Scheduling TBD Ralla available to help

  • COVID-19:  As of now, the track will continue to operate business as normal in accordance with Columbia County Parks & Recreation and USABMX.

    • Take precautions—stay home if you or your child are sick, wash hands regularly, sanitize, cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing

  • Lawn Care:  The grass (and weeds) are growing.  Please come out on Sunday, Mar 15, to help with the lawncare. TIme TBD, will post this evening

  • Start hill:  Anyone know of any concrete contractors that do new builds and repairs?  Give us their contact information and we’ll share it with Columbia County.  

  • Projects that require help from volunteers:

    • Build stairs to the shed (we have supplies)

    • Put pavers down under the grill/concessions area (est. 3x2 ft area)


Association Business

  • Open Board position:  President--nominations taken from the floor or vote to allow Board to assume position responsibilities by current Board member No nomication from the floor; voted to allow Board to assume President responsibilities: Y: 16 N: 0

  • Potential sponsorship with Fox—initial discussions underway—more to come soon!

  • Track Jersey Orders,  due March 31, get with Joy if you need a form or have questions.


Open Forum

Potential Chain Reaction or Street & Trail partnership in the works


Adjourn 805pm


Feb 15th 2020 BWBMX Association Meeting Agenda:

called to order at 805pm; adjourned at 820pm

2020 Financials. Per Nicole:

Bank $9561.62 + PayPal $112.96 = Total $9,674.58

approx $4800 allocated for special projects, so available balance is approx $4875

Start system/gate delay issues- Cadence box sent to manufacturer for inspection. Inspection only showed issues with volume knob, suggesting it was the light stack wiring. Trenton inspected the light stack and found & repaired the broken wire. Get-a-gate also replaced the air valve just in case, faulty air valves can cause delays in the system too. ****System was tested and everything worked as it should****


USABMX notes - new district numbers have been finalized; see Stacy if you don’t know your new number.  Remember, if you have an earned number, you must use your earned number. Default numbers (last 3 digits of membership number) are only for new or returning riders.


  • Intermediate riders aged 12 and under are now required to wear flats, no clipless pedals allowed In 2021, all riders aged 12 and under, regardless of proficiency, will be required to wear flats


Topics (Trenton & Ollie)

*Member’s frustrations regarding project delays. Please know, we’re working on how to best fit them into our season. (certain projects are dependent upon weather & availability of volunteers).

*Track Layout Only Joy- we’ve heard your ideas regarding layout, i.e. Facebook poll, texts, and by word of mouth. They were forwarded to Eric Bress, a professional track builder, for an estimate.

*Estimated total cost $4000 to $4500 per Joy; (from Eric $3040 includes rebuild, equipment rental, flight in April. It does not include car rental, hotel or any possible dirt we may need, that is where total comes in.) He is available in April when he is down doing to other track rebuilds near us. track layout changes are expected to take 2-3 days

Questions/Comments from Association:

1. concern with impact to schedule in April as there are no races scheduled;  upon review after the meeting it was determined March has no races scheduled, not April, so no impact to the schedule is expected should we proceed with April

2. concern with impact to cost if track builder comes later in the year 

3. question on details of proposed layout changes raised by a member, Joy explained the tentative plan of updating 1st, 2nd and 3rd straights

*Rebuild: The $4000 that was allocated for asphalting, Board is asking members to vote to have that money reallocated to a rebuild.


Vote Results:  Y--19, N--0; unanimous vote to reallocate $4000 from asphalt to track layout changes


*Resurfacing: Will follow directly after rebuild (glue and then slurry as long as weather allows. All members/riders are encouraged to assist in resurfacing work. If Board members are the only volunteers, the resurfacing work will take much longer to complete than if we have other volunteers.

Questions/Comments from Association:

1. comment from member requesting scheduling shifts for resurfacing work, if possible

*Start Hill and Turns issues: Couple weeks ago we met with Wes and he is doing what he can on his end (If CCPR doesn’t have a solution by Summer, we believe we should move forward and start fundraising and find sponsors to pay for repairs ourselves)

Engineer coming to look at the starting hill and turns. If engineer doesn't get back to us by summer or if the County determines the Association is responsible, we should plan on fundraising immediately.


Members with concerns, Are more beneficial if funneled through Trenton, the MAL & Ollie, RAL. They are your voice. 


We need Volunteers to head off committees; Members we need your help with, Fundraising, Raffle items, reaching out to the homeschool community, programs, and small  track projects. More hands, makes for less work.


Quick reminders:

Track jersey orders; Due by the end of March: Shoot us a message to place order.

New Rider Clinics; start March 9th and will be the 2nd Monday of every month.

Girls’ Only Practice; start Feb 28th, please see our USA BMX website for scheduled dates

Race for Life- Riders can start working on raising funds now, please see FB post or USA BMX site for more info. (If we as a group raise a total of $1000, next year's RFL will be a double points race.)


Comments from Board not included on agenda:

1. Zephin is head coach, Ollie is getting certified to be a coach, and Sarah will continue to head up girls-focused programs


Jan 21st  2020 BWBMX Association Meeting Agenda:

***called to order at 706pm, adjourned at 716pm

***Board members present:  Ryan Iverson, Joy Mann, Tim Byrne, Trenton Munsell, Nicole Bernardo, Stacy Williamson; not present:  Ollie Newman

  1. Introduction to new board 

  2. 2020 Financials Nicole shared we have $10,120 in the bank as of 12/31/19, $200 in cash drawers, $84 in Paypal; unaccounted for expense: $539 for new refrigerator

*Nicole is working on sorting it out now. 


  1. Topics (Trenton & Ollie) led by Trenton

  1. 2020 changes, any questions or concerns practice schedule change reviewed, Friday practice fee increased to $3 due to increase in sanction fees/insurance fee; Joy commented that race and practice fees are tax refundable due to BWBMX's non-profit status; Michelle requested the tax ID number (06-1680793)

  2. Member’s frustrations, regarding projects that need to be completed. Please know we’re working on to best fit some into our season. Working on a timeline now. (certain projects are dependant upon weather & availability of volunteers).

  3. Project -Track layout, we’ve heard your ideas regarding track layout. They were forwarded to a track builder named Eric Bress. Joy reviewed in detail

Estimated total cost $4000 to $4500 ($3040 includes rebuild, equipment rental, flight in April, but does not include car, hotel or any possible dirt we may need.) His availability is March or he can come out in April when he does PTCBMX’s rebuild. (before he arrives we will have drainage issues addressed)

*If members would like a rebuild, we’d like to ask that $4000 that was allocated for asphalting the 1st straight would be reallocated to rebuild at this time, especially with the start hill issue.

Resurface would follow rebuild. All the while Pres & TO will be in conversations with county on solving start hill and the turns issues. (If we do not have a solution by Summer, it will resort to fundraising so we can move forward) no voting took place due to quorum not met by mtg participants


  1. Members with concerns, it would be most beneficial if funneled through your MAL, Trenton & RAL, Ollie advocates. They are your voice. 

  2. Track ideas, TO welcomes hearing from members. 

  3. (Remind) has replaced rained out texting system and is up and running. Sign up to stay current with track events and updates. text @BWBMX to 81081

  4. Valentines Day Cards- Have been ordered.

  5. Race for Life- t’s for a great cause. Riders can start working on raising funds now, the more you raise the more you earn. (If BWBMX raises $1000, next years RFL will be a double points race.)

  6. Looking for Volunteers to head off committees- more to come

  7. Track jersey orders are due by the end of February

  8. New Rider Clinics, start March 9th and will be the 2nd Monday of every month.

  9. Girls’ Only Practice, start Feb 28th 

  10. Refrigerator purchased for $539.00 ($500 of that was a donated)

***next meeting will be held at first race in February:  Feb 1, 2020


Blanchard Woods BMX

Parent/Rider Meeting
Dec 7, 2019
called to order at 650p; adjourned at 701p
Board members present:  Sarah, Tim, Richard, Jim, Joy, Stacy
  • $11,353 cash on hand
Parade details
  • roads closed 1p-4p, arrive early to decorate bikes
  • performance areas between yellow barrels
  • hand out flyers
  • helmets required
Toys for Tots
  • collected until Dec 15
Remaining races in 2019
  • Dec 14; earlier start time--530pm P/R
  • Dec 15; 1pm P/R
Chili Cook off
  • Dec 14 race
  • rained out--move to Dec 15
End of Year Party
  • Dec 28, 5p-7p
  • Redwing Skating Rink, Washington Rd
  • free for licensed riders with BW as home track
  • $8 for non-licensed riders
  • pot luck dinner--everyone should bring a dish
Renew Memberships by Dec 15
  • all memberships should be updated with signatures on file no later than Dec 15
  • required to be considered for 2020 district numbers
Upcoming Trackwork
  • siding on shed
  • airhose


Blanchard Woods BMX

Parent Rider Meeting


called to order 753pm; adjourned 802pm

Board members present:  Sarah, Tim, Richard, Stacy, Lance; Joy and Jim absent

2020 Nominees present:  Tim, Stacy, Trenton, Oliver

Welcome and Brief explanation of Association


Track Business

Building updates building will be worked on (finished?) within next two weeks weather permitting; need volunteers to assist

Recycled asphalt & plan no plan set yet

Project delays asphalt on start hill transition and first straight on hold due to settling of start hill; County reviewing the settling

November track work day: to be discussed may need to reschedule; BW park is closed first weekend of Nov



    Balance ***will be posted on Association FB page due to Jim's absence from meeting


New Business

Donations for volunteer give a-ways

Spooky to be hungry ( 3 cans = free practice)

Donations are being accepted until Tuesday 10/29

Blanchard Woods BMX Jerseys, taking orders until November 23rd to get in time for Christmas

Swap Meet, bring items to sell Nov 10th race.

Time to Vote and explain process 

Nominations Received:

    Track Operator        Joy Mann

    Asst. Track Op.        Timothy Byrne

    President        OPEN

    Secretary        Stacy Williamson

    Treasurer        OPEN

    Member at Large    Trenton Munsell

    Rider at Large        Oliver Newman

Final vote:


     Joy Mann 36 votes yes (one write in vote for Richard Joyner)


     Tim Byrne 37 votes yes


     write in nominees:  Ryan Iverson, Richard Joyner, Rob Batz; Richard and Rob declined the nomination; Ryan I 19 votes yes in follow up vote


     Stacy Williamson 37 votes yes


     write in nominee Nicole Troutman 29 votes yes


     Trenton Munsell 37 votes yes


     Oliver Newman 36 votes yes (one write in vote Brandon Roharik)

Upcoming Events:

New Rider Clinic:     Nov 14, Dec 12

Skills Clinic:     Jumping Clinic    Nov 7, See Zephin for availability

Ladies practice night: Nov 21

Triple Crown:     Saturday Nov 9th Peachtree City BMX, P/R 12 pm, Race 2 pm, $25 entry fee

Saturday Nov 9th Sandy Ridge BMX, TBA (details not posted just yet)    

        Sunday Nov 10th Blanchard Woods BMX, P/R 11 am, Race 1 pm, $25 entry fee

Races:         Oct 26-29    Nov 10-16-23-26    Dec 7-14-15

Col. Co Christmas Parade: Dec 8th

    End of Year Party: TBA


Blanchard Woods BMX

Parent Rider Meeting


Board members present:  Sarah, Tim, Richard, Lance, Stacy

called to order:  755pm; adjourned:  805pm

Welcome and Brief explanation of Association

Due to Jim's absence, the cash balance will be posted on member's FB page.

Track Business

 Projects to prioritize: 

      Pave start hill    Start platform        Repair turns

Ask for parents help on organizing these projects

***cannot get concrete truck to the track if the starting platform has been built, which is why the platform project has been moved to after paving start hill/first straight

On Going Business

Prompt PayPal payment

Volunteers for concessions at every race

New Rider Clinic: SEPT12     

Skills clinic: sign up with Zephin


Details on End of Summer party, September 8th

Cherokee Recreation Area, 

PotLuck, Group Photo

    5926 Augusta Hwy Lincolnton GA 30817

If GPS takes you to a dirt road, you just passed it.

***will need $5 per car to enter the park

plates and jerseys have not yet arrived,will distribute upon receipt


Practices: Extending Tuesday Nights for older kids        

Girls Practice: SEPT26


New Business

Open floor for board nominations, Open positions for 2020 

-All positions are open to nominate yourself or someone else

    -Nominations are being accepted during September until we Vote at the October meeting

    -Candidate must be present at the September Meeting or have a written letter at the meeting stating their desire to run for office, in order to be nominated.

    -Candidates who have been nominated shall be given the opportunity at the Oct election meeting to present their qualifications to the Association.

purchased a new ram--$925 (cost offset by depositing refund of returned fence materials)

purchased glue--$1300

requested help with contacting County regarding handicap access around track

Blanchard Woods BMX

Parent Rider Meeting


Board members present:  Sarah, Richard, Tim, Jim, Lance, Stacy, Joy

called to order:  751pm, adjourned:  805pm

Welcome and Brief explanation of Association


Financials- (Jim Ball)

    Paypal usage PP is a courtesy, please pay invoices upon receipt; PP invoices will no longer be issued for memberships, available for practice and race-related charges

  • $14,328 cash on hand
  • Need to purchase glue--approx $1300
  • $800 held for starting hill platform, $4000 held for paving transition from start hill and 1st straight to 1st obstacle, $500 held for new refrigerator
  • Concessions: pay tabs by the end of the main, no big bills for small purchases

Track Business

  Changed practice to work night August 6th

  Unsupervised work day tomorrow, things to do tower will be locked, bring own equipment

  -Between the straights, berms, last straight around bleachers, bases of the light poles on hill

  • resurfacing track w/ soiltac this week, starting Mon at 630pm

On Going Business

New Rider Clinic: AUG 08     Skills clinic: sign up with Zephin

Summer Series wrap up

  Customization on jerseys due Aug 13th to Stacy 

  Open race, last chance to earn. Run after the Mains tonight

Details on party, September 15th. Cherokee Recreation Area, PotLuck, Group Photo

    5926 Augusta Hwy Lincolnton GA 30817 same place as last year, cost per carto enter park, party starts at 1pm

Practices: Extending Tuesday Nights for older kids 830p-9p, help break down       Girls Practice: AUG22


New Business

Concessions Volunteer incentive, Name goes in twice for weekly drawing

Spooky to be Hungry, Canned food drive for October 10/26, 5 cans = $5 off race registration

Fall Series- ideas for 2020

Loaner Equipment- help with gearing up new riders, cleaning, putting up

    When ready to purchase, let us know, we have EVS coupons and/or used donations

Asking for Donations, for volunteer giveaways


Open floor for board nominations, Open positions for 2020 

    -Nominations are being accepted at September until we Vote at the October meeting

    -Candidate must be preset at the September Meeting or have a written letter at the meeting stating their desire to run for office, in order to be nominated.

    -Candidates who have been nominated shall be given the opportunity at the oct election meeting to present their qualifications to the Association. ask a Board member for a form letter or find on FB

  • practice only on race days is $3, includes balance bike riders
Blanchard Woods BMX
Parent Rider Association Meeting 
called to order at 759pm, adjourned at 814pm
Board members present:  Sarah, Tim, Joy, Jim, Lance, Richard, Stacy
Welcome and Brief explanation of Association
Financials- (Jim Ball) approximately $10,500 cash on hand
Track Business
Work Days, first weekend of every month
Ongoing work: Storage building, Drainage working on completion and paving Reliable provides equipment when they have it available, at low to no cost to the Association; limited notice to complete work due to weather
Upcoming Clinic/ Events
New Rider Clinic: JUL10, AUG 08, SEPT12, OCT3, NOV07, DEC12 
Skills Clinics: JUL 17, limited spaces avail.  All dates are on BWBMX FB page hosted by Zephin Mann, July 17 clinic focusing on pumping
End of Summer Series Party: September 16th (subject to change) 
Cherokee Recreation Area, Pavilion Rented out
Pot Luck and to Hand out Jersey’s and Number plates
All members and family are welcome to attend
Girls Only Practice: (Proposed) JUL25, AUG22, SEPT26, OCT17, NOV21
12+ Practice: TBA
Triple Crown: November 9th and 10th (3 tracks in 2 days) Peachtree City am race on 11/9, Sandy Ridge pm race on 11/9, BW am race on 11/10; race all three for special series trophy or race any of the three for trophy of the day
Summer Series
Dates: April 20-Aug 3. 5 Races left $12 per race
Earnings: Race 9 out of 15 races for jersey and plate, 5 of 12 for plate only
Blanchard Woods BMX Jerseys, available to order $50 each
BMX Themed Party, track rental available, $200
Volunteers for Concessions (grilling and filling orders)
Election of New Board Members, Nominations accepted in September
Sponsors: New, Lucky Star Property Management
Ongoing: Columbia County Parks and Rec, Gerald Jones Subaru, Reliable 
Equipment Rental, Rick’s P &B, Joyner Truck and Lube,  EVS Sports
**Upcoming Local Races
July 6, 9, 20, 27 October 4, 8, 19, 26 , 29
August  3 (end of smr series) 17, 24, 27 November 10, 16, 23, 26
September 7, 10, 21, 24 December 7, 14, 15
**track closed for MTN Bike and cross country event Sept 13-16


Blanchard Woods BMX

Parent RIder Association Meeting 



  • Called to order at 759pm; adjourned at 810pm
  • Attendance (sign in sheet sent around)
  • Board members present:  Sarah, Richard, Tim, Jim, Joy, Lance, Stacy

Welcome and Brief explanation of Association, Board members introduced


Financials- (Jim Ball)--cash on hand: $10,555


Upcoming Clinic/ Events

  • Olympic Day Race is Today
  • New Rider Clinic: June 12th
  • End of Summer Series Party: Date TBA. In September.  
  • Rent out pavilion at lake again. 
  • Pot Luck and to Hand out Jersey’s and Number plates
  • Girls Only Practice: TBA
  • 12+ Practice: TBA
  • Triple Crown: TBA, in November brief explanation of series


Summer Series

  • Dates: April 20-Aug 3; 15 races total 9 of 15 for jersey and plate, 5 of 15 for plate only
  • Earnings: Race 9 out of 15 races for jersey and plate, 5 of 12 for plate only
  • Entry fee: $12 per race


Blanchard Woods BMX Jerseys, available to order $50 each

BMX Themed Party, track rental available


Track Business

  • Work Days, first weekend of every month
  • Storage building
  • Drainage working on completion and paving 


**Upcoming Local Races

June 1, 4, 15, 22, 29

July 6, 9, 20, 27

August  3 (end of summer series) More Races to be added to schedule**


Blanchard Woods BMX

Parent RIder Association Meeting


  • Called to order at 752pm; adjourned at 808pm
  • Attendance (sign in sheet sent around)
  • Board members present:  Sarah, Richard, Tim, Jim, Joy, Lance, Stacy
  • Welcome and Brief explanation of Association
  • Bylaws on FB under files and on website 
  • Financials- (Jim Ball)
  • $8368 cash on hand, $4k set aside for asphalt starting hill--apply to repairs to shed destroyed due to tornado/fallen tree?
  • encourage riders to race often and to bring their friends to try the sport--more riders = more income for the track
  • State Qualifier - Revenue brought in and appreciation expressed
  •      $1500-1600
  • Upcoming Clinic/Events
  • Jason Carnes Berm Academy Skills Clinic - April 18 630p-930p, $40
  •      Easter Race and Hunt, April 20th, Taking donations until April 19th (friday night practice)
  • Summer Series
  •           Dates: April 20-Aug 3; 12 races total 9 of 12 for jersey and plate, 5 of 12 for plate only
  •      Earnings: Race 9 out of 12 races for jersey and plate, 5 of 12 for plate only
  • Entry fee: $12 per race
  • Blanchard Woods BMX Jerseys, available to order $50 each
  • BMX Themed Party, track rental available
  • Track Business
  • Work Days, first weekend of every month
  •      Storage building
  • spent about $800 so far, need additional supplies to finish the repairs (siding, roof materials)
  •     Drainage and paving
  •            need more rock to finish the 1st straight draingage
  • will proceed with paving the start hill once the draining and building repair have been completed

**Upcoming Local Races

April    19, 20    

May    4, 18, 25

June   1, 4, 15, 22, 29

July    6, 9, 20, 27

August  3 (end of summer series)        More Races to be added to schedule**


February 2, 2019 Meeting Notes

Called to order at 749pm, adjourned at 757pm

Attendance (sign up sheet sent around)

Board Members in attendance:  Richard, Sarah, Tim, Lance, Joy, Stacy


-Bank Balance $7097

-Other treasurer business

Old Business

-Most of the valentines cards are in some sent to CA; should arrive this week; please collect ASAP; generics are available for those who didn't order custom cards

-Group Specific practices each month (dates are below)

New Business

-Plate Numbers and personal info (mailing and email address, phone #.s) needs to be updated

    Contact us to make these changes

-Coaches for the 2019 season: Zephin Mann, Sarah Anderson Andrew Bodine is also applying to be a coach

-New Rider clinics schedule and Skills Clinics: TBA

-Sponsors, currently accepting sponsors for the year, see Sarah for more details

-Concession Stands Volunteers one family volunteer at each race so that the same people are stuck working concessions

-Volunteer give-A-Ways

-Extras that are available for purchase: tubes for tires, tshirts, plates

-BMX Themed parties        $200

  • 2 hours of private track use

  • Sound system with music or play your own tracks.*

  • Use of race-ready bikes & balance bikes

  • Use of helmets

  • FREE race vouchers for all Non Members that attend

Track Business

-Scheduled work days planned for first weekend of the each month.

    Saturday 10am-2pm Tim B will host    Sunday 1:30-4:30pm Richard will host

    First one was today and we had a good turn out, Thank you to everyone that showed

-French drain, Paving, Sealing Corners hope to get started on first straight drainage this week weather permitting, 4 ft down, 3 ft wide, 6" drain tube covered with gravel; Rusty can get us equipment to use; Daniel Attaway volunteered to help; after drains are installed then we will put asphalt on starting hill; sealing the turns will be the last project of these three (still researching options)

Dates to Remember:

New Rider Clinics:    Feb 13        March 13    

Girls only Practices:    March 7th    April 11th

12+ group:        March 14    

Races:(scheduled through till August    

Feb    2, 16, 23            June    1*, 4*, 15*, 22*, 29*

    March    2, 16 (State qualifier)        July    6*, 9*, 20*, 27*

    April    6, 19, 20*            August 3*

    May    4*, 18*, 25*                    *summer series races


January 5, 2019 Meeting Notes

Called to order at 648pm, adjourned around 7pm (exact time unknown)

Attendance (sign up sheet sent around--40 members signed in)

Board Members in attendance:  Richard, Sarah, Tim, Jim, Lance, Stacy, Joy

Brief Parent Rider Association Meeting

  • Thank you for an awesome 2018 season!
  • A few things to get the 2019 season started:
  •     Approval to pave to the 30 foot line on first straight away
  • Cost is estimated to be between $3-4k. 29 voted to proceed, 0 votes to not proceed. Questions raised about making the starting hill longer--Rusty, Andrew, Tim B and Richard to meet at track to review options.
  •     Track works days will be scheduled for week end days
  • Goal is by having a regularly scheduled day each month to work on the track, cut grass, clean parking lot, etc--then the participation level will increase making the work less intense for those who show up to help. There will continue to be "as needed" work days for projects and to prepare track for practices, races, major events, etc. Grass needs to be cut weekly at a minimum during the summer. Specific weekend to be determined by Board, and communicated to Assocation ASAP.
  •     Girls only practice and 12+ only practices are forthcoming
  • Association member requested an >12 only practice. Board is open to the idea; need to review and determine when to add to the schedule. Another Member suggested by adding these exclusive practices, then we may see lower rider count at regularly scheduled Tuesday practices thus reducing the income the track receives. Board agrees it is a risk thus the idea of the exclusive practices occurring only once a month as opposed to every week.
  •     Tuesday night practices, fee is increasing to $3. (this helps to keep our free fridays)
  • Not included on original agenda--sealing turns (formula will include sandpaper grit to reduce slickness). Goal is to seal the turns to reduce risk of injury as current asphalt is crumbling. Original idea is to seal turns 1 and 2 as soon as possible (though when funds allow), then turn 3 later. Likely will require resealing annually. Cost is estimated to be $400 each for turns 1 and 2, $300 for turn 3. Assocation Member suggested all turns are completed at the same time and paid in part by donations from Assocation Members. Board is open to the idea and will gladly accept donations to complete the project. Another Member raised concerns about the recurring maintenance and the formula making the turns too slick for riding risking increase in injuries. Assocation decided to NOT vote on this project and to revisit at a later date once more information is available.


October 20, 2018 Meeting Notes

Called to order at 744pm, adjourned at 803pm

Attendance (sign up sheet sent around--16 members signed in)

Board Members in attendance:  Richard, Tim, Sarah, Stacy, Jim, Lance


  • 2019 Board nomimations
  •      candidates:  Richard Joyner (TO), Tim Byrne (ATO), Sarah Anderson (President), Stacy Williamson (Secretary), Jim Ball (Treasurer), Joy Mann (Member-at-Large), Lance McAnly (Rider-at-Large)
  •      no additional nominations--all current candidates voted to continue office for 2019--13 yay, 0 nay
  • $13,050 total cash on hand, approx $3200 from GC parking to be paid to County
  •      This year we have made several large purchases and new improvements and we still have nearly $10k on hand:  new maintenance building, perimeter fence around track, $800 set aside for gate operating platform, $3k in glue purchased, et al.
  •      Still left to do/purchase:  asphault for starting hill transition, asphault in turns (county?), purchase a lawn mower, gate operating platform, finish fence
  •           lawn mower purchase approved 13:0; exact price TBD $1600-$2200
  • Gold Cup review--concessions will break even or be in the red due to expenses--overbought product, rented fryer, purchased ice for sale (many lessons learned for next time)
  •      Many thanks for all who volunteered.  Event wouldn't have been as successful and efficient as it was without the help.
  • Track jersey orders to be submitted at the end of the month--order forms in tower and online; see Board Member to order; $50
  • Volunteers at races are entered in a drawing for a prize.  We need help at every event, and the prizes will incentivize.
  • Upcoming events:  food drive (Oct), coat drive (Nov), toy drive (Dec); end of the year party--details TBD
  • Trunk or Treat--Oct 27; decorate trunks, hand out candy, wear costumes (be safe while racing!)
  • Triple Crown--Nov 10 & 11:  PTC Nov 10 day, Sandy Ridge Nov 10 night, BW Nov 11 day
  •      500 points possible--PTC and BW double point races (double entry price)
  •      food to be provided to all racers, trophies provided by PTC
  •      pro/am


Sept 8, 2018 Meeting Notes

Called to order at 217pm, adjourned at 240pm

Attendance (sign up sheet sent around--26 members signed in)


  • financials:  approximately $6k in bank accounts (including checking and Paypal)  
  •      $800 for gate starting platform set aside
  •      please process outstanding PP invoices ASAP--expectation is payment is to be processed upon receipt of the invoice, no delays
  •      majority of funds going to Gold Cup supplies--concessions (bagged ice, food, beverages), equipment rental (track maintenance, fryer for concessions), dirt, glue
  • volunteers needed for GC Finals, weekend of Sept 28-30
  •      expectation is for every member to volunteer for at least 4 hours
  •      discussed National Anthem singers
  •      free parking for volunteers
  • Reviewed week of GC schedule 
  •      Tuesday $2 practice, Wednesday $5 practice, Thursday $10 single pts race, USABMX takes over beginning on Friday
  • Explained GC race fees--$50 per race ($40 for open class); increased points, and better trophies each day
  • Board nominations open today, vote in Oct
  •      Reviewed how nominations are accepted
  •      Term begins Jan 1, 2019
  • Andrew Bodine to become certified coach.  Clinics of all types (beginning, advanced, parents, etc) will be scheduled soon.



July 3, 2018 Meeting Notes


Agenda 7/3/18

Blanchard Woods BMX 1907

Parent RIder Association Meeting called to order at 807pm


Attendance (Sign in sheet going around)


Treasurer Report- Jim Ball bank balance $9203, $663 in Paypal, $450 in on-site cash (concessions, registration, change bag); total $10,136; $10k is the target balance to maintain after purchases

  • have purchased shed for storing maintenance tools
  • have puchased dirt and glue for track maintenance
  • regularly purchase concessions for selling


Items that need to be purchased in the near future:

New fridge, other is on its last leg but can be used for storage when new one is purchased

  • Asked Association Members if they have one to donate or have contacts with vendors for low cost option

    Fencing to enclose the entire ridable surface of the track ($4200-$5000.00)

  • Association Members voted 22 Y/0 N to purchase fence materials; installation labor to be provided by volunteers
  • fence enclosing the track is required by USABMX for hosting large events (Gold Cup Championships, national races)
  • 4ft tall black vinyl matching Columbia County specs, order and receive materials within two weeks

        -Money can be saved by purchasing big gates later.

Discussions on financials:

  • change up items in concessions--fruit snacks
  • question asked about donating food for concessions--strongly encourage any and all donations
  • Member suggested one-time sponsors to be recognized during Gold Cup Championship weekend--$500 sponsorships to help offset expected incurred costs / banner hung on fence

Blanchard Woods Track Jersey $50 for jersey or pit jersey; order forms distributed and will be posted on FB; email Board with questions

    Ready to order

    Order form to be filled out and turned in.

    First order will be place July 21st, 2018

    All orders prepaid and have a 5-10 day turn around.

After first initial order, orders will be monthly


Volunteer incentive

Taking a break on the points system.

Have a drawing every race instead of collecting points. Drawings will be to give away different things (items from sponsors, donated items, free meal vouchers, free races….) Whatever is decided that particular race.


Gold Cup race and preparations

Be on look out for FB announcements


End of series party: September 8th, 2018

    Where, potluck or cater, games?? Member suggested renting inflatables and holding event at track; low cost option when renting from Ft Gordon

    Jersey’s will be ordered by mid August and ready for hand at party

Richard Joyner discussed the requirement of wearing helmets when riding bikes, scooters, ripsticks, skateboards in the parking lot, especially when coming down the hill around the maintenance building.  Be safe and be aware of cars coming up/around the hill.

**Association Bylaws are posted online


For Any questions please feel free to reach out to any of our board members:

Sarah Anderson, President, 706-284-1578,

Richard Joyner, Track Operator, 762-233-9609

Tim Byrne, Assistant Track Operator

Stacy Williamson, Secretary

Joy Mann, Member at Large

Lance McAnly, Rider at Large


February 24, 2018 Meeting Notes

  • Meeting called to order at 805pm
  • Recognize new riders in attendance, thank them for trying BMX, encouraged experienced riders to make new riders feel comfortable and offer assistance as often as necessary
  • Reminder of frequency of meetings--monthly after end of registration and prior to start of race
  • Review of Vet Fest
  • Encouraged members to share opportunities where BW BMX could set up a booth to continue to spread the message and to encourage new riders to try BMX
  • Bank balance is $5171.30
  • Review of starting hill platform--plans are in process, will be 6x8, encouraged members to share ideas for donated materials or labor
  • Track jersey design is in process, awaiting finalization of sponsors (due in April)
  • Reviewed need for sponsors and different sponsorship levels
  • Rider at Large voting--Lance McAnly voted in (yea:  28. nay:  0)
  • Reminder of State Qualifier held at BW on March 3--need several volunteers, 50/50 raffle to help raise money for the track, P/R 11-1230p, race around 1pm
  • Reminder for all members to sign in for the Association Meeting
  • Question from the floor:  Run BB motos in between motos to allow for longer break.  TO stated BBs will race at the start of moto 1 but longer breaks will take place between motos and before main.
  • Meeting adjourned at 812pm


2018 Parents and Riders Association Meeting - Agenda

January 20, 2018

Welcome to New Season- introduce Board Members CALLED TO ORDER AT 813pm

Financial Report- Jim is unable to attend, Bank Balance: $7658

  • This $ amount Includes money that was raised to build Gate Starter Platform

New Business

  • Working on final plans of platform. Agreed on size and exact placement last week

  • Balance Bike Committee:  Dedicated practice time changed. Promote non-sanctioned practice from 6-630 on Tuesdays, Loaner equipment will be available during sanctioned practice time 630-830pm

  • Committees: Home School, Fort Gordon, Concessions

    • Sign Up Calendar will be available at concession stands tonight and every race

    • Asking for help to manage these and most importantly promote sport to these 2 major groups

  • VIP Volunteer program

    • Handout explaining point system

    • Vouchers will be ready by practice this Tuesday

    • Each volunteer will keep up with their points and at end of race have Board member sign off for points that race

  • Update Contact information: Address, email, phone #

    • This information will used to send email blasts, coupons, post cards….

  • Chili Cook-off: Jan 27, 2018

    • Bring a pot of chili to enter into the competition, 3 awards will be given out on 3 categories. Spicy-est, Yummy-est, Most Unique-est

  • Girls Night: Encourage more girl riders. Have practice nights monthly

  • Track Coach: in between coaches at the moment, asking for any volunteers

    • Certification involves online training through USABMX, background check, first aid training

  • Rider at Large Position is open: Taking nominations and will vote on end of Feb nomination from Robert Glick: Lance McAnly; seconded by Richard Joyner; vote held at race closest to 30 days post open nominations

  • Sponsorship: Asking for new sponsors for the new year. Handout given with information

    • Online form will be on website with in the week.

  • Summer Series: Tuesday night races held 2nd and 4th week in the summer months

    • Final information TBA

    • Jersey will be incentive to participation, Different jersey than our ‘Track Jersey’

  • Track Work: Will be having work days in near future. Be on the lookout for announcements.

  • Track Needs:

    • Permanent Fence around just the track

    • Storage Building, vote on YES: 15, NO: 0

  • Parents to become CPR certified


2018 Blanchard Woods BMX Racing Season


Local Races:

    Jan: 20,27            July: 7,10,21,24,28

    Feb: 3,17,24            Aug: 4,18,25

    March:     3,17,31        Sept: 1,15,22

    April: 7,14,28            Oct: 6,20,27

May: 5,19,26,29        Nov: 10,17,20

June: 2,5,16,19,23,30        Dec: 1,15

State Race Qualifier:        March 3, 2018

South East, Gold Cup Championship Race:        September 28-30, 2018

Summer Series:      More details TBA

2018 Track Sponsorship:  Asking for new yearly sponsorship until April 30th

            Visit our website for more details

Jersey:  Design is in the making, and will be finalized after yearly sponsorship is completed.

Coach Needed: Certification is completed through USABMX, background check and First Aid certified

Rider At Large duties:

The Rider-at-Large shall be elected to a term of one (1) year, which shall run from January 1 to December 31. The Rider-at-Large with assistance from the Treasurer will be responsible to obtain and manage track sponsors. The Rider-at-Large will assist the Member-at-Large in forming race day volunteer lists.  The Rider-at-Large will also work with the track’s coaching staff in obtaining clinics and new rider events. The Rider-at-Large should have operating knowledge of all facets of track operations and backfill voids in operations as necessary whether him/herself or by training volunteers.



Association Meeting 10-28-17

Board present:  Sarah Anderson (Pres), Stacy Wiliamson (Sec), Jim Ball (Tres), Richard Joyner (TO), Tim Byrne (ATO), Robert Glick (RaL), Joy Mann (MaL)

Meeting called to order at 753pm

  1. Explanation of 2018 Board members voting process, including announcement of nominated candidates:  Sarah Anderson (Pres), Stacy Wiliamson (Sec), Jim Ball and Katlyn Attaway (Tres), Richard Joyner (TO), Tim Byrne (ATO), Robert Glick (RaL), Joy Mann (MaL)
  2. Reminder to see Robert Glick for questions or suggestions about the proposed platform for gate operator.
  3. Reminder to add name to Association Meeting attendee sheet .

Meeting adjourned at 757pm

***Votes counted prior to Main race.  Assocation voted for 2018 Board members:  Sarah Anderson (Pres), Stacy Wiliamson (Sec), Jim Ball (Tres), Richard Joyner (TO), Tim Byrne (ATO), Robert Glick (RaL), Joy Mann (MaL)


Association Meeting 10-07-17

Board present:  Sarah Anderson (Pres), Stacy Wiliamson (Sec), Jim Ball (Tres), Richard Joyner (TO), Tim Byrne (ATO), Robert Glick (RaL), Joy Mann (MaL)

Meeting called to order at 8pm

  1. Final call for 2018 Board nominations.  Nominations accepted through end of race tonight.  Voting will take place on 10-28-17.
  2. Association asked for Halloween race ideas on 10-28-17.  Costumes welcomed, though not while riding on the track.
  3. Track work on first straight in upcoming weeks. Volunteers requested.
  4. Sarah reminded Members how to sign up to receive text alerts.
  5. Krispy Kreme fundraising reminder--orders and money due tonight.  Certificates will be distributed on 10-10-17.  Money raised going to the building of platform for gate operator.  Robert asked Members to share their design ideas.  Association Member asked for clarification on building materials to use--TBD following confirmation from County.
  6. Robert reiterated his and Joy's roles--they are the individuals for Members to share their ideas, ask their questions, and from whom to request assistance.

Meeting closed at 805pm.


Meeting Minutes 8/19/17

Parent/ Rider Meeting

Meeting called at- 7:54

Board Present: Richard Joyner, President/ Interim Track Operator; Joy Mann, Member at Large; Sarah Anderson, Rider at Large/ Interim Treasurer

1) $7969.12 account balance
2) Items purchased since July 17th 2017 : Drainage Items  (Rock/Drain Pipe) $1311, Clay, Blower $290.00, Weed Eater $288.00 , Wheel Barrel $97.00
3) Rusty was able help with Donated equipment to do Drainage and we want to thank him and his family for the time invested in this project.
4) Grass Maintenance will be done regularly and it will cost track $200 a monthly
5) Committees
  a) Strider Committee ( Katlyn Attaway ) (Promoting, Retaining and Running)

  b) Fundraising Committee (bike wash day, fundraiser laps, swap meet)

  c) Open Ride day Commitee, (flyers out to CCBOE)

  d) Track t shirt and Jersey commitee, (design, take and place orders)

6) Bylaws Vote Date- Sept 16th 2017
7) 2017 Board Positions Open -TO, TO Asst., Treasurer, and Secretary
8) Vote Sept 16th 2017- to fill 2017 Board Positions

Note*2018 Nominations will soon be opening up in September for ALL Board Positions. Voting for 2018 Board Positions will be end of October.

Please feel free to ask any questions or go to our USA BMX website for the job description in the bylaws.

*Closing-Does anyone have any questions?

meeting adjourned 8:10

Meeting Minutes 7/22/17

Parent/ Rider Meeting

*Meeting called at - 7:15pm
*Agenda: To go over for a 2nd time for any member that missed the parent rider meeting on Tuesday July 18, 2017.
*Board Present: President/Interim Track Operator-Richard Joyner, Member At Larger-Joy Mann 
*Absent: Rider at Large/Interim Treasurer-Sarah Anderson (had prior commitment and let President and Board know ahead of time)
Subjects discussed:Agenda
1) Open Board Positions were announced (Track Operator, Track Operator Assistant, Secretary, & Treasurer)
2) Rewritten Bylaws were handed out to members (not all members wanted a copy)
3) President addressed bylaws are posted on website, the date they will go active if no changes 8/19/17
4) Parents were asked if they had any questions or concerns, and was also encouraged that if they have questions at a later date they are welcome to message us or come to us in person to get any questions answers.
*Parent Concerns brought to meeting:
a)Voting and how the votes can be swayed with how many minor members are in a household. 
-Member Voting Idea - It should be any Rider over the age of 18 at time of vote and holds Blanchard Woods BMX as their home track, gets a vote.
-Both parents/guardians get a vote maximimum total votes would be 2(1 representing dad / 1 representing mom)
~The reasoning for this per member/members - This way no household with multiple minor riders/members under the age of 18 per household can sway the vote by taking advantage of the number of minors they have in the household. (example: minor the age of 6 may want to vote in a way the is not a best choice for track, but the parent will vote in the way they see fit for the track)
Meeting Adjourned @ 7:33pm
Side Note: After Meeting was adjourned Grandparent of a minor member took President aside and questioned voting rights for his minor grandson. This grandparent is an active volunteer, and is the one that brings minor member to all bmx events. At time we do not see why anyone would not see him as the acting legal guardian while child is in his care at the track or during voting.
(Natural Guardian-If a parent or legal guardian appoints another person to temporarily be responsible for the child, the person acting in that capacity is called the guardian, or natural guardian of that child.) per under legal guardian meaning



Meeting Minutes 7/18/17

Parent/ Rider Meeting


Meeting called to order 720 pm

-Address board situation and leave questions to individuals

-Address Rumors and Intention- Parent involvement and Parent Rights

-Went over rewritten bylaws- Read thoroughly with association

-Defines Quorum

-Questions arisen: Why not have the same person be TO and President?

-Reason for separating the two roles, it is too much on one person. We want everything to go through the board- Not the same person make all decisions

-TO-Executes the plans of the board

-Provided examples on why one of the changes to bylaws is to make TO and non voting position.

-Consensus is track operator needs a vote.. yay  15  nay 5

-Read duties of all positions and specifically the open positions

-Keep Association Meetings and importance of them, to give the parents a voice in how track is ran

-Make sure board is having 12 meetings a year

-Meeting notes will be posted on website to be viewed by those that did not attend meeting

-Add to bylaws, request o provide agenda for special meetings requested by association

-Remove tie breaker claus from bylaws

-Request to have board members required to participate in a percentage of work days

-Lots of argument both ways for yay or nay. Even vote.

-Make sure we are keeping track of volunteers, who and what

-officially go over available positions, hand out letter of interest and explain to have it filled out and turned it.

-Bylaws will be posted on USABMX track website this evening, any discrepancies can be noted at the next meeting and changed. If any major changes clock, 30 day  clock will restart. Once bylaws have been posted publicly for 30 day and agreed on by association, We will vote for the open positions.

-we will have another meeting reach out to people who missed.


Meeting ajourned 8:35pm



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