Hello Race Fans,

Spring is right around the corner and w/that brings a brand new race season. We're going to take advantage of a few nice weather days here in March to make repairs from the winter weather and make changes to our 2nd & 3rd straights. We'll be making these changes as weather throughout March. We would like to start racing in April but will need our water turned on to complete track repairs and enhancements.

Things are looking a lot brighter at Park City BMX. Our 2017 race and practice schedule has been submitted to USA BMX. Once approved we'll make it official. Stay tuned to Facebook for all the latest dates, times and upcoming events.

Park City BMX is excited about the changes that we're working on to get things ready for the new seaon. This will be the first full season with new asphalt and enhancetments that hapended late in 2016. We're diligantly working to have our first practice in early April.