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Clarence "Earthquake" McCray Benefit Race

On September 21st, the lingering remains of summer flood over the RVA including Gillies Creek Park and Richmond BMX. Friends and family gathered for another fun filled day of racing at the track we love to call home. As we gathered, we also did so to help a friend, our friend Clarence McCray.

Many years ago Clarence was informed he suffered from Stargardt Macular Degeneration and while he would never go completely blind, he would lose a great deal of his eyesight and it would not come back. Clarence came to terms with the situation and continued to live on, several times turning to BMX over a couple of decades as a brief escape.

Today he celebrates more than 1 year fully returned to BMX racing even though he has not been legally allowed to drive, he is perfectly comfortable on the BMX track. There is a type of vision correction lenses that could help Clarence correct his vision enough to legally be allowed to drive again, and if you know life without being able to drive yourself around you know the challenges this presents. We are helping him raise the funds needed to cover the equipment and driver training needed to meet the legal requirements to return to driving. You can help by making even just $1 donation to his GoFundMe account at

Clarence is an inspiration to us all at Richmond BMX and want to be sure that every knows about Clarence and people like him. Use the links below to learn more about blindness and those that are trying to help those affected.

Wills Eye Institute

Stargardt Macular Degeneration

National Federation of the Blind

Foundation Fighting Blindness


Also check out these videos by Bootny Lee covering the race and an interview with Clarence before the race.