As announced last week Gary Craig will be stepping down and track operator at the end of the 2021 season and with this decision Richmond BMX will also be modifying our organizational structure to 1) remove the burden of all responsibilities of maintaining and operating the track from a few to many and in doing so 2) we hope to establish new, and improve upon existing, processes. While change is never easy, we believe that by distributing responsibilities across several roles and by empowering each of those team members to own and cultivate their own team and or process will only improve upon our already strong BMX community.

Below is a list of roles and general responsibilities that we are currently looking to fill for the 2022 season. Full details about each role including basic tasks and responsibilities can be found here:

• TRACK OPERATOR: Our new TO will own and manage all organizational needs associated with track management and will continue to develop and cultivate a positive community focused on our favorite sport - BMX! You’ll have the keys to the kingdom and this is no small task (although this new organization structure aims to minimize general stress and overall responsibilities).

• ASSISTANT TRACK OPERATOR: Gary will fill this role in support of new TO transition

• CLINIC ORGANIZER: will own and lead a weekly clinic program. This role requires USA BMX certification that will be sponsored by and paid for by the track.

• PRACTICE ORGANIZER: will own and lead a weekly gate practice program.

• CLERK: will manage weekly race registration, moto entry & corrections, will purchase necessary track supplies including trophies, stamps, etc

• HEAD SCORER: A critical role, this person will build and train a team of volunteers to score weekly race events and will manage/be responsible for race results

• CONCESSIONS ORGANIZER: will manage and be responsible for staffing and stocking concessions

• VOLUNTEER ORGANIZER: develop and manage volunteer program including weekly sign ups

• TREASURER: will manage track finances including necessary tax requirements, etc to ensure 503C non-profit status compliance. Experience in the finance field is preferred but not required.

• PR DIRECTOR: manage social media, track sponsorship program, track swag, and will work with local media to promote track and events

• FACILITY MAINTENANCE LEADER: Organize track maintenance efforts including grass cutting and landscaping, minor track prep/repair as needed

If interested in joining the team please fill out this quick form and we’ll reach out to you to answer questions and discuss in more detail:

Again, a HUGE thanks to all of our current staff and volunteers. Race days would not happen without each of you and the support you offer to our families and community.


—Richmond BMX Board