There is less than 10 days until the start of the 2022 season at Richmond BMX and everyone here at Richmond BMX is working hard to get ready for the big day!

As we did for 2021, we will continue to operate on a PRE-SIGN ONLY operation. We will talk about the why another time, but be assured that online registration ensures we give you the BEST possible experience.

The online registration process has been improved by moving to USABMX pre-registration just like you would use for a national event. Click here to view the schedule and click the Pre-Sign button and you're on your way.

We have also extended the online signup window to close 1 hour BEFORE race time. So for the opener, with practice going until 11:30am and race time set for 12:00 noon, registration will be open until 11AM on RACE DAY!

If you have ANY issues at all with signing up for the race, please email us promptly at [email protected] so we can work out the issue or alternate plans.


Sunday's Schedule:

10:00am  - Practice Start (alternating 15 minute sessions for 13 Under, 14 Over)

11:00 am - CLOSE OF ONLINE REGISTRATION / Motos Posted

11:30 am - Last chance for corrections

11:30 am - END PRACTICE

11:40 am - Balance Bike Practice

11:50 am - Opening Ceremonies

12:00 pm - RACING STARTS