Our Holeshot New Rider Clinic has seen many many riders pass thru the program to go on to become extremely proficient riders over the past 4 years. While attendance early on was very strong, the participation recently has dropped off significantly.

In the interest of providing a well balanced program for all riders and to focus more directly on what riders need to work on, we are going to change up our program. The New Rider Clinic will now run as a week to week program. So instead of 6 concurrent weeks of classes, we will teach 2-3 skills every week to all riders who are new to the sport and need to work on fundamental skills.

We belive this will allow us to better target the clinics to the riders needs giving us two and possibly three different level of instruction on Tuesdays.

The time and cost will be the same as the Advanced Skills Clinic - Tuesdays 6pm-8pm $5 per rider. Riders after the first session will need a 30 day or full USABMX license to participate.

We hope this encourages more riders to participate and work on the skills most important to each individual rider.