You may have heard us talking about the BMX Racing League on our Facebook page, and if not, you need to hear this! Donny Robinson, National Champion and Bronze Medal Winner at the 2008 Olympic Games has teamed up with Mike Carruth, a BMX media and industry legend to create a brand new way for new riders to enter the sport of Bicycle Motocross.

We are in the initial planning phase for this program and details are still being worked out. What we know right now is we are looking at Saturday morning to run this league, starting mid April. We will release more details as the plan is formalized.

You may be asking, "what exacty is this BMX Racing League and how is it different than what we do every Sunday". Well, to be brief... Everything is different. Except its kids on BMX bikes having an amazing time with other kids and their families.

Check out the website for more details and reach out to us at or on our Facebook page for any questions.