As of 4/1/2018 we will no longer be able to permit RC cars to operate on the BMX track. Our new gravel racing surface is perfect for riding on bikes regardless of the weather conditions however, the RC cars are damaging the surface. While the damage may appear to be superficial, it is beginning to create major issues including the loss of material and holes in the jump faces. Both of which create unsafe bike riding conditions.

For years we have been "OK" with RC cars on the track as long as they were not damaging the surface and were yielding to all bike riders at all times. Both the issue with damage to the surface AND numerous reports of riders, including several young riders on balance bikes being struck by the RC cars creates a dangerous situation for the bike riders.

We are activly trying to reach out to some of the main RC car individuals to show our support for them organizing and approaching Richmond Parks and Rec to partner in the creation of a RC car specific track.

In the meantime in the interest of safety for all bike riders, we must ask all RC cars to not operate on the BMX track.