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8345 County Park Rd
Goodells MI 48027
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Track Operator:
Curtis Brown Jr.
Lisa Brown
[email protected]

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Rain Out Policy

Please be aware that we will always make every effort to run a race, even in the rain, as long as the track will not be adversely affected by riding on it.  It is at the discretion of the Track Operator to decide when the weather has become such an issue as to the track being damaged.


Regularly Scheduled Single Point Races


If a regularly scheduled single point race has started, meaning that motos have been posted and at least one gate has dropped on a pointed class, then the race will be "frozen" (no refunds or additions to the race are allowed) and the race will be finished during registration on the same day the following week.


Multipoint Races

If an Earned Double, Warnicke Double or RFL Double, that is scheduled on a regular race date, is canceled due to weather before the race starts the race will be ran in place of the next scheduled single point race that falls on the same day of the week.


If any of the above races are scheduled on a non-standard race day due to special consideration they will be rescheduled to a standard race day that will fall within the next 10 days.


If any of the above races have started then the race will be "frozen" and finished during registration of the next scheduled race day that falls closest or on the same day of the week as the originally scheduled day.


SCR and Gold Cup Qualifiers

If an SCR or GCQ is canceled before the race starts we will work with USA BMX to find the most appropriate time to reschedule the race.  If an SCR or GCQ has already been started then the race and all registrations will be "frozen" and continued at time agreed upon with USA BMX.